2014-01-30 jpritikinFix Sandwich; add tests
2014-01-30 jpritikinFix LL scale for test
2014-01-29 jpritikinKeep loglikelihoodScale set to -2 between tests
2014-01-27 jpritikinRevive latent distribution gradients
2014-01-24 mhunterUpdate R file copyrights. Somehow this got forgotten...
2014-01-23 jpritikinNote code duplication
2014-01-23 jpritikinPermit rescaling of log-likelihood
2014-01-23 jpritikinRemove old custom prior stuff (part 2)
2014-01-18 jpritikinAllow MxCompute C objects to set values in their R...
2014-01-17 jpritikinAdd more matrix operations
2014-01-17 jpritikinFactor out code to invert the Hessian
2014-01-17 jpritikinRewrite second order test; rename to ComputeHessianQuality
2014-01-17 jpritikinRemove deadcode
2014-01-17 jpritikinRemove old custom prior stuff
2014-01-17 jpritikinReport # of function evaluations
2014-01-17 jpritikinMake MxRList into a C++ class
2014-01-07 jpritikinRevert "Fix standard error calculation"
2014-01-05 jpritikinReport Hessian consistently
2014-01-05 jpritikinFix standard error calculation
2014-01-02 jpritikinConsolidate reporting of the gradient
2014-01-02 jpritikinReport Newton-Raphson stuff in slots
2014-01-02 jpritikinConsolidate reporting of the fit
2014-01-02 jpritikinReport estimate from 1 place
2014-01-02 jpritikinAllow MxCompute C objects to set values in their R...
2014-01-02 jpritikinReduce tolerance for condition number
2013-12-31 mhunterUpdate copyright.
2013-12-31 mhunterDon't worry. I just updated the copyright year.
2013-12-31 jpritikinSEM reorg
2013-12-31 jpritikinSEM debugging
2013-12-31 jpritikinCompute condition number of information matrix
2013-12-31 jpritikinSEM create pseudo-history if history is not working
2013-12-31 jpritikinRe-think semantics of COMPUTE_INFO
2013-12-31 jpritikinPartially fix sandwich
2013-12-31 jpritikinRework SE reporting
2013-12-31 jpritikinImprove debug output
2013-12-31 jpritikinFix iteration counter
2013-12-30 jpritikinRevert "Move some result reporting to glue"
2013-12-30 jpritikinMove some result reporting to glue
2013-12-23 jpritikinRestore original omxRecompute semantics
2013-12-23 jpritikinControl some ComputeEstimatedHessian knobs from R
2013-12-20 jpritikinDo not use roxygen to create Collate field
2013-12-17 jpritikinRemove latent distribution gradients
2013-12-17 jpritikinMaybe sandwich working
2013-12-17 jpritikinOptimize latent distribution gradients 3/3
2013-12-17 jpritikinOptimize latent distribution gradients 2/3
2013-12-17 jpritikinOptimize latent distribution gradients 1/3
2013-12-17 jpritikinLatent distribution parameters, gradient and information
2013-12-17 jpritikinGive up immediately if iteration limit is reached
2013-12-16 mhunterFix State Space warnings.
2013-12-16 jpritikinImprove log message
2013-12-16 jpritikinSet scores with no information to NA
2013-12-14 jpritikinAllow non-bifactor design matrix
2013-12-14 jpritikinExpress item and latent parameter map dependencies...
2013-12-12 jpritikinRemove unused variable decl
2013-12-12 jpritikinConditionally compile NPSOL global variables
2013-12-12 mzaheryCsolnp_warnings removed v2
2013-12-12 mzaheryCsolnp_warnings removed
2013-12-07 jpritikinReduce use of protect stack
2013-12-07 jpritikinSuggest how to debug protect stack overflow
2013-12-07 jpritikinSplit SE calculation into separate Compute object
2013-12-07 mhunterMake No Sort Data option addition unique in state space...
2013-11-26 jpritikinCreate labels for special variable groups
2013-11-26 jpritikinInvertSymmetricIndef
2013-11-22 mzaheryCsolnp: warnings v2
2013-11-22 mzaheryCsolnp: warnings v1
2013-11-22 jpritikinPermit easy specification of the default optimizer...
2013-11-21 mzaheryomxImportFrontendState: commented lines 342-350
2013-11-21 mzaheryCsolnp: State space models
2013-11-20 jpritikinDemonstrate how to compute the Fisher information matrix
2013-11-20 jpritikinDon't warn if not all outcomes are represented in the...
2013-11-15 jpritikinFix quadrature for two-tier models
2013-11-13 jpritikinAdd more examples from flexMIRT
2013-11-13 jpritikinGeneric ComputeEM with Ramsay (1975) acceleration
2013-11-13 jpritikinSync with rpf
2013-11-13 jpritikinAdd matrix symmetric pos def inverse
2013-11-13 jpritikinNote minor bug
2013-11-07 mhunterMove starting value of state space example within bounds.
2013-11-07 jpritikinKeep parameters within bounds
2013-11-03 jpritikinWork around cran-check issues
2013-11-03 jpritikinFix more documentation
2013-10-26 jpritikinRemove redundent and tricky matrix invert code
2013-10-25 jpritikinMake MatrixInvert more generic
2013-10-25 jpritikinRemove unused field from struct Matrix
2013-10-25 jpritikinAvoid another copy of the currentState
2013-10-24 jpritikinReport info code in error
2013-10-24 mhunterAdd check for positive definite expected covariance...
2013-10-24 jpritikinAdd more aliases
2013-10-24 jpritikinRemove redundent test
2013-10-23 jpritikinAddress serious compile warnings
2013-10-23 jpritikinDeadcode
2013-10-23 jpritikinTry again to plug small memory leak
2013-10-23 jpritikinRevert "Plug small memory leak"
2013-10-22 jpritikinSync with rpf 0.16
2013-10-22 jpritikinPlug small memory leak
2013-10-21 mzaheryCSOLNP: memory leaks v2
2013-10-21 jpritikinRemove some obsolete comments
2013-10-21 jpritikinFix deriv test
2013-10-19 jpritikinExamine accuracy of derivs
2013-10-19 jpritikinReorg to adjust the tolerance for Ramsay damping