2014-03-17 jpritikinAdd dependencies to the C/C++ compile
2014-03-17 jpritikincran-install does not need to build the tar.gz blob
2014-03-16 jpritikinAdd protect to MxRList and simplify API
2014-03-15 jpritikinAdd some control parameters for Mike Neale (not hooked...
2014-03-15 jpritikinFactor out lots of calls to Rf_mkChar
2014-03-15 jpritikinRemove "at iteration" from error
2014-03-15 jpritikinMake elementwise algebra ops conformable for the scalar...
2014-03-15 jpritikinContinue with omxMatrix API simplification
2014-03-14 mhunterResolved scope issue with isnan and isinf functions.
2014-03-14 mhunterWLS Progress: no seg fault now, but still not good...
2014-03-13 jpritikinRe-architect fitfunction derivatives API using Eigen
2014-03-13 jpritikinAdd Eigen, next commit hooks it up
2014-03-13 mhunterAdded error checking to state space expectations and...
2014-03-12 jpritikinEnable R_NO_REMAP for a cleaner namespace
2014-03-12 jpritikinAnchor regex at beginning of path
2014-03-12 jpritikinAdd check for algebra dimnames
2014-03-10 jpritikinDon't use R to calculate our algebra result matrix...
2014-03-10 jpritikinInitial compute protocol for the whole tree of dependencies
2014-03-10 jpritikinDon't rely on R to evaluate our algebra
2014-03-09 jpritikinRemove non-reproducable pointer addresses from logs
2014-03-09 jpritikinMore omxMatrix API cleanup
2014-03-09 jpritikinRemove deadcode (dead after free.set fixes)
2014-03-07 jpritikinRearrange ComputeEM for SEM integration
2014-03-07 jpritikinReorg code for latent distribution
2014-03-07 jpritikinAdd a 3rd string argument to omxExpectation computeFun...
2014-03-07 jpritikinPrepare to simplify omxMatrix API
2014-03-07 jpritikinDoc mxFitFunctionMultigroup
2014-03-07 jpritikinFix various bugs in free.set variable groups
2014-03-06 jpritikinAdd tests for convergence speed
2014-03-06 jpritikinFix uninitialized memory read in Ramsay1975
2014-03-06 jpritikinSlightly optimize analytic latent distribution paramete...
2014-03-06 jpritikinOptimize gradient/meat when no items parameters are...
2014-03-06 jpritikinSlightly optimize analytic latent distribution paramete...
2014-03-06 mhunterProgress on WLS: Fit function adjustments and data...
2014-03-06 mhunterAdded helpful comment to Windows Makevars file.
2014-03-06 mhunterProgress toward WLS: build frontend observed threshold...
2014-03-06 mhunterElementWISE multiplication etc
2014-03-05 mhunterModified State Space error checking to be more informative.
2014-03-05 mhunterAdded failing model for vector=TRUE fitfunctions.
2014-03-05 jpritikinChange backend initialization order
2014-03-05 jpritikinAdjust buildbot gdb script
2014-03-05 jpritikinD'oh, fix test for error in mxLog
2014-03-05 jpritikinSet up the usual gdb breakpoints automatically
2014-03-05 jpritikinCorrect matrix dimensions in test
2014-03-05 jpritikinFix spectral norm for R 2.14
2014-03-03 jpritikinAllow simultaneous computation of gradient and gradient...
2014-03-03 jpritikinAdjust precision of close enough checks
2014-03-02 jpritikinOptionally force a PD covariance matrix (not enabled)
2014-03-02 jpritikinSwitch verbose from a logical to an integer
2014-03-02 jpritikinRevert "Entertain a sample covariance formula"
2014-03-02 jpritikinEntertain a sample covariance formula
2014-03-02 jpritikinReorg for latent distribution parameter equal constraints
2014-03-02 jpritikinFactor out code to force a matrix to be positive semi...
2014-03-02 jpritikinDon't throw an exception from within a critical section
2014-03-02 jpritikinFix test for mxComputeOnce API change
2014-03-02 jpritikinLimit retries for logging
2014-03-01 jpritikinFix buildbot test failure
2014-02-28 jpritikinImprove mxComputeOnce, mxComputeEM APIs
2014-02-28 tbatesUpdate references to mxFitFunctionAlgebra and correct...
2014-02-27 jpritikinUse ... to force named arguments (part 2)
2014-02-27 jpritikinUse ... to force named arguments
2014-02-27 jpritikinRename EM fit functions to match DLR (1977) terminology
2014-02-27 jpritikinMove positive definite check from ComputeSE to ComputeEM
2014-02-27 jpritikinLots of work on SEM
2014-02-27 jpritikinImprove diagnostics
2014-02-26 jpritikinImprove some conformability checks by showing the dimen...
2014-02-20 jpritikinAlways report @output$fit but don't report @output...
2014-02-19 jpritikinProperly ignore items with no free parameters
2014-02-19 jpritikinProhibit rows with no information for some factor
2014-02-18 mhunterState Space changes: 1 Add ability to use inputs, 2...
2014-02-17 mhunterFixed typos in state space man page.
2014-02-16 jpritikinRename ComputeEstimatedHessian to ComputeNumericDeriv
2014-02-14 jpritikinPrevent export of some internal classes
2014-02-14 jpritikinDocument optimizers
2014-02-13 mhunterRemoved mxConstraint from state space example, using...
2014-02-13 jpritikinRevert "Rename classes not intended for export"
2014-02-13 jpritikinRename classes not intended for export
2014-02-13 jpritikinAdd documentation
2014-02-12 jpritikinFix broken test
2014-02-10 jpritikinMake debug output contingent of a debugInternal flag
2014-02-10 jpritikinMove BA81 expectation output/debug stuff to @output...
2014-02-10 jpritikinFix possible uninitialized memory read
2014-02-06 rkirkpatrickUsing the name "stderr" with #pragma omp critical can...
2014-02-02 jpritikinFix jumbled array index in sandwich
2014-02-01 jpritikinFix sandwich for two-tier models
2014-02-01 jpritikinRemove failing test
2014-01-30 jpritikinFix Sandwich; add tests
2014-01-30 jpritikinFix LL scale for test
2014-01-29 jpritikinKeep loglikelihoodScale set to -2 between tests
2014-01-27 jpritikinRevive latent distribution gradients
2014-01-24 mhunterUpdate R file copyrights. Somehow this got forgotten...
2014-01-23 jpritikinNote code duplication
2014-01-23 jpritikinPermit rescaling of log-likelihood
2014-01-23 jpritikinRemove old custom prior stuff (part 2)
2014-01-18 jpritikinAllow MxCompute C objects to set values in their R...
2014-01-17 jpritikinAdd more matrix operations
2014-01-17 jpritikinFactor out code to invert the Hessian
2014-01-17 jpritikinRewrite second order test; rename to ComputeHessianQuality
2014-01-17 jpritikinRemove deadcode
2014-01-17 jpritikinRemove old custom prior stuff