2013-06-20 mhunterStarting changes to LISREL to type='LISREL' and to...
2013-06-20 sbokerAdded R help files for mxFitFunctionR and mxFitFunction...
2013-06-20 jpritikinMove freeVars stuff out of omxState
2013-06-20 jpritikinCheckpoints only deal with the globalState
2013-06-20 jpritikinMove numIntervals, intervalList out of omxState
2013-06-20 jpritikinPrevent developers from using Rprintf
2013-06-20 jpritikinSplit omxState into truly global stuff and per-thread...
2013-06-20 jpritikinDeadcode
2013-06-19 tbrickFixed two bugs in the way WLS fit functions were being...
2013-06-19 restabrookTypo in omxWLSFitFunction.cpp
2013-06-19 mhunterfix typo in mxData print method
2013-06-19 mhunterAdded Acov and Thresholds to the print method for mxData.
2013-06-19 mhunterModified mxSaturatedModel to take either a model or...
2013-06-19 mhuntermxSaturated model support for ordinal data. Tested...
2013-06-19 sbokerRevise man pages for mxRAMObjective, mxRObjective,...
2013-06-19 jpritikinSkip recomputing thresholds when they don't exist
2013-06-19 jpritikinName critical section
2013-06-19 jpritikinDetermine correct # of dir to strip for gcov
2013-06-19 jpritikinReplace completely broken PBS cpus detection
2013-06-19 jpritikinMove slow PPML tests to nightly since PPML is not heavi...
2013-06-19 jpritikinFix MultilevelUniRandomSlopeInt regression
2013-06-19 jpritikinImprove log output
2013-06-19 tbrickUpdated omxWLSFitFunction to take new arguments and...
2013-06-19 jpritikinMinor compile fixes
2013-06-19 jpritikinRemove misplaced coverage option
2013-06-19 jpritikinAdd thread-safe logging functions
2013-06-19 restabrookUpdated wlsPrep2.R
2013-06-18 mhunterEliminated reference to paste0 to keep compatibility...
2013-06-18 mhunterFurther changes to mxData front and back ends.
2013-06-18 mhunterAdded new data type='acov' to mxData.
2013-06-18 sbokerModify documentation for mxData, mxAlgebraObjective...
2013-06-18 mhunterChanged all objective functions to return NAMED lists...
2013-06-18 sbokerUpdate documentation for mxFIMLObjective, mxAlgebraObje...
2013-06-18 mhunterFix mxAlgebraObjective to return a NAMED list, instead...
2013-06-18 jpritikinCode test coverage
2013-06-18 jpritikinSwitch over to new structured Compute system
2013-06-18 jpritikinRefrain from copying markMatrices to omxState children
2013-06-18 jpritikinProvide a backward compatible status
2013-06-17 sbokerAdded manual page for mxFitFunctionML
2013-06-17 jpritikinStore expectationList in std::vector
2013-06-17 jpritikinStore algebraList in std::vector
2013-06-16 jpritikinEncapsulate NPSOL into omxComputeGD; rework error statu...
2013-06-16 jpritikinPrep for omxComputeGradientDescent
2013-06-16 jpritikinConsolidate confidence interval stuff
2013-06-16 jpritikinRename
2013-06-16 jpritikinPass blank gradient and hessian to omxNPSOLConfidenceIn...
2013-06-15 jpritikinRemove optimalValues, optimum, and currentInterval...
2013-06-15 jpritikinRemove fitMatrix from omxState
2013-06-15 jpritikinAvoid possibility of buffer overrun
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 11/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 10/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 9/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 8/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 7/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 6/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 5/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 4/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 3/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 2/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 1/11
2013-06-13 jpritikinEase output data assembly
2013-06-13 jpritikinMake fixMatrix usage more explicit in NPSOL
2013-06-13 jpritikinDeadcode
2013-06-13 jpritikinZero mxData location index so set values are easy to see
2013-06-13 jpritikinDump matrices using valid R syntax
2013-06-13 jpritikinChange fit function init API
2013-06-13 jpritikinMxFitFunctionMultigroup
2013-06-13 jpritikinFix compile error after big revert
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Store algebraList in std::vector"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "MxFitFunctionMultigroup"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Split fit function initialization similar to...
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Store expectationList in std::vector"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Leave fitType alone"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Zero mxData location index so set values are...
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Dump matrices using valid R syntax"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Reorder matrix name processing"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Fix inverted matrixNumber in omxMultigroupAdd"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Fix recent bugs"
2013-06-12 jpritikinOptionally parallelize "make install"
2013-06-12 jpritikinDeadcode
2013-06-12 jpritikinDelete deadcode
2013-06-12 jpritikinIgnore build products
2013-06-11 jpritikinFix recent bugs
2013-06-10 jpritikinFix inverted matrixNumber in omxMultigroupAdd
2013-06-10 jpritikinReorder matrix name processing
2013-06-10 jpritikinDump matrices using valid R syntax
2013-06-10 jpritikinZero mxData location index so set values are easy to see
2013-06-10 jpritikinLeave fitType alone
2013-06-10 jpritikinStore expectationList in std::vector
2013-06-10 jpritikinSplit fit function initialization similar to expectations
2013-06-10 jpritikinMxFitFunctionMultigroup
2013-06-10 jpritikinStore algebraList in std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinAdd some ignores
2013-06-09 jpritikinDocument potential code cleanup plan
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore dataList in std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinInitialize fit functions after expectations
2013-06-09 jpritikinAll style guides recommend against "using namespace...
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore matrixList as a std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore freeVar locations in a std::vector
2013-06-08 jpritikinProtect R against C++ exceptions