Run gctorture within gdb so we can get a stack trace
[openmx:openmx.git] / inst / tools / testModels.R
2013-03-03 jpritikinRun gctorture within gdb so we can get a stack trace
2013-03-01 jpritikinSelect a few tests for gctorture
2013-02-25 jpritikinOutput test runtimes to CSV instead of to console
2013-02-24 jpritikinReturn exit status properly
2013-02-24 jpritikinMerge testNightly with testModels
2013-01-04 jpritikinAdd 'make torture' for gctorture
2013-01-01 jpritikinShow warnings after running tests, by default
2010-02-17 mspiegelstderr now appears during test suite
2009-07-29 mspiegelRemoved unused "env" argument and cleanup of make test...
2009-07-29 mspiegelAdded a hack such that each test runs in clean environment
2009-07-29 mspiegelAlmost working "make test"
2009-07-28 mspiegelAdded an error check on RAM objective function and...
2009-07-25 mspiegelMoving models that use mx to the models/passing directory.
2009-07-24 mspiegelChanged testing script to run in local directory of...
2009-07-11 mspiegelAdded verbose output for unit tests on success.
2009-06-16 mspiegelFixed testModels.R to work with Windows.
2009-05-23 mspiegelAdded $ and $<- as generic getters and setters for...
2009-05-22 mspiegelInitial check-in of automated testing framework.
2009-05-22 mspiegelInitial commit of test models script.