2014-07-12 jpritikinRepair constraint processing; add test
2014-07-12 jpritikinRefresh any informational algebra based on final estimates
2014-07-12 jpritikinRepair broken image reference
2014-07-12 jpritikinFix trivial typoes in Hermine's commit
2014-07-11 jpritikinUpdate author list in manual
2014-07-11 jpritikinCommit doc edits from Hermine H Maes
2014-07-11 jpritikinExtensive rework of the conformability checking pass
2014-07-11 jpritikinNot passing yet
2014-07-11 jpritikinReduce test tolerance slightly
2014-07-10 jpritikinAdd changes from beta1 to beta2
2014-07-09 mzaheryCSOLNP: malloc avoided
2014-07-09 tbatesmodel failing on rerun
2014-07-09 jpritikinRe-enable some passing tests
2014-07-09 jpritikinUpdate tests to fail with trunk
2014-07-09 jpritikinProvide more helpful error messages when an expectation...
2014-07-09 jpritikinCast integer arguments to integer
2014-07-09 jpritikinCope with mxFitFunctionRow resizing matrices during...
2014-07-08 mzaheryCSOLNP: updates
2014-07-08 tbatesminor fix removing wanring thrown by Acemix2.R (build...
2014-07-08 jpritikinBug fix to new conformability checking pass
2014-07-08 jpritikinFirst draft of AIC & BIC for IFA models
2014-07-08 jpritikinUpdated expected error for "better error when definitio...
2014-07-08 jpritikinAdd checks for AIC, BIC
2014-07-08 jpritikinAddress memory leak
2014-07-07 jpritikinContinue on IFA manual
2014-07-07 jpritikinIncrease sanity of omxMarkClean/omxMarkDirty
2014-07-07 jpritikinAdd back test for RAM expectation with A as an algebra
2014-07-07 jpritikinAdd a conformability checking step to the backend 2/2
2014-07-07 jpritikinAdd a conformability checking step to the backend 1/2
2014-07-07 jpritikinDon't log matrix versions
2014-07-07 jpritikinRevert "Handle RAM expectation with A specified as...
2014-07-07 tbatesbetter error when definition variable is missing
2014-07-05 mhunterModify lisrel man page to have working first example...
2014-07-05 tbrickFixed a bug in MxModel tab-completion.
2014-07-05 jpritikinUpdate test for recent API changes
2014-07-03 tbrickAdded names() support to the base R object types. ...
2014-07-03 jpritikinRemove naAction, simply require minItemsPerScore if...
2014-07-03 jpritikinFix IFA Hessian bug related to equality constraints
2014-07-03 tbrickRemoved second optimality tolerance option from the...
2014-07-03 jpritikinEfficiently estimate a latent distribution without...
2014-07-03 jpritikinTreat small eigenvalues consistently
2014-07-02 jpritikinCheck orientation of mxDataDynamic mean vector
2014-07-02 jpritikinmxSimplify2Array doc
2014-07-02 jpritikinContinue adding documentation
2014-07-02 jpritikinInline performance critical functions
2014-07-02 jpritikinAdd heuristic to Newton-Raphson to cope with overly...
2014-07-02 jpritikinRename mxExpectationBA81 arguments per dev discussion
2014-07-02 jpritikinDefault mean & cov to standard normal
2014-07-02 jpritikinRefactor code to remove EAP scores; use RPF instead
2014-07-02 jpritikinRename test for consistency
2014-06-28 jpritikinMake NPSOL the default if available
2014-06-27 mhunterAdded verbose=FALSE argument to mxSummary to change...
2014-06-27 jpritikinAdd matrix logarithm algebra operator
2014-06-26 jpritikinMove more CI code from frontend to backend
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 6/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 5/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 4/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 3/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 2/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 1/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinAdd some commented code to run item fit tests
2014-06-25 jpritikinImprove error message
2014-06-23 tbatesjust adding a link to vech2full in the vech Rd
2014-06-23 tbateschange @ style for $
2014-06-23 tbatesenhance error for unknown function in algebra - help...
2014-06-21 jpritikinHandle RAM expectation with A specified as an algebra
2014-06-20 jpritikinEstimate 0 factor IFA models (null models)
2014-06-20 jpritikinPass version=1 to rpf.rparam
2014-06-20 jpritikinImprove diagnostics
2014-06-17 jpritikinContinue on IFA chapter
2014-06-17 jpritikinFix some markup typos
2014-06-17 jpritikinBetter way to label and reference figures
2014-06-16 jpritikinContinue expanding the IFA manual section
2014-06-16 jpritikinVisually decorate figures so they stand out from the...
2014-06-16 jpritikinRecompute fit at the end of mxComputeGradientDescent
2014-06-16 jpritikinAdd missing argument to the doc
2014-06-16 jpritikinExecute the end of the E-step in parallel
2014-06-16 jpritikinEnsure all items are in a valid specific group (two...
2014-06-16 jpritikinDisallow passing 1 item spec to get the same spec for...
2014-06-16 jpritikinCRAN prohibits variable length arrays
2014-06-13 tbatesBetter error message when a CI is not found. Let user...
2014-06-13 rkirkpatrickFix for a minor bug that dates back to version 1.3...
2014-06-12 mhunterMake demoTwoFactor.csv data accurately loadable with...
2014-06-12 mhunterAdded $ accessor for intervals in MxModels. model...
2014-06-10 mhunterAdded $ accessor for options slot of MxModel objects...
2014-06-10 mhunterAdded check of many (but not all) of the parts of MxSum...
2014-06-10 mhunterAdd data to go with LISREL example.
2014-06-10 mhunterAdded joint ordinal continuous example and an example...
2014-06-10 jpritikinRefactor EAP calculation
2014-06-10 jpritikinImprove safety of mxFactor
2014-06-09 jpritikinStart writing the IFA manual
2014-06-09 jpritikinMove reference to the bottom of the page
2014-06-09 jpritikinOmit unnecessary section title for Contents
2014-06-09 jpritikinAutomatically use correct version number when building...
2014-06-09 jpritikinConvert to unix line endings
2014-06-09 jpritikinAdd mxSimplify2Array for irregular length vectors
2014-06-09 jpritikinLet doc generation depend on rcheck
2014-06-09 jpritikinHide DO NOT EXECUTE markers better
2014-06-09 jpritikinRepair citation markup
2014-06-09 jpritikinRevise internals description based on a deeper understa...