2008-10-23 skennyno longer using pre-generated models
2008-10-23 mspiegelUpdated the path model with Steve's simplifications.
2008-10-14 mspiegelBugfixes to path model specification.
2008-10-14 mspiegelInitial commit of path demo.
2008-10-14 mspiegelSome bugfixes to path model.
2008-10-09 mspiegeladding and removing from path models now works.
2008-10-09 mspiegelSome more work on path models. Remove paths not quite...
2008-10-09 mspiegelMore bugfixes.
2008-10-09 mspiegelBug fixes to path models. Adding paths now works.
2008-10-08 mspiegelSome sort of working path model representation.
2008-10-08 mspiegelUpdates to MxModel and MxMatrix to work with back end...
2008-10-03 skennycorrected output filename
2008-10-03 mspiegelCommitting the S4 version of the OpenMx design. Impleme...
2008-10-02 skennywrites out only the specified permutation
2008-09-02 skennyreturning the outNLM object to calling process
2008-08-14 skennyfixed fact
2008-08-14 skennysimple script for generating models using mxModelgen...
2008-08-14 skennycalculates total permutations to map outputs
2008-08-12 skennygenerate s and a files for objects
2008-08-12 skennysetting params for A and S
2008-08-07 skennynot passing weight arg to perm
2008-08-06 skennymap model objects for swift script output from mxmodelgen
2008-08-06 skennyincorporates new S matrices into model objects
2008-08-06 skennygenerate symmetric and asymmetric matrices separately
2008-07-23 skennygenerate files for mxmodelgen
2008-07-20 skennyedit comments
2008-07-20 skennyedit comments
2008-07-20 skennyR wrapper for calling swift-openmx model processes
2008-07-09 skennyoops
2008-07-09 skennydirectory for parallel workflow code
2008-07-09 skennygenerates models based on number of connections
2008-05-29 jspiesAdded install info to README
2008-05-15 mspiegelFinished documentation.
2008-05-14 mspiegelFixed a small bug in SymmMatrix.R and updated SimpleRaw...
2008-05-13 mspiegelCompleted documentation exercise.
2008-05-13 mspiegelMore documentation.
2008-05-13 mspiegelA more illustrative example of the possible ways to...
2008-05-11 mspiegelUpdated parameters field of MxMatrix object such that...
2008-05-11 mspiegelMore documentation.
2008-05-11 mspiegelAdded more documentation.
2008-05-10 mspiegelRemoved constructor argument "free" from all matrices...
2008-05-10 mspiegelCleanup of the Makefile.
2008-05-10 mspiegelAdded documentation of the MxMatrix subclasses.
2008-05-10 mspiegelChanged Makefile to add "make doc" that creates documen...
2008-05-09 mspiegelFixed the dependencies in the Makefile.
2008-05-09 mspiegelA more systematic Makefile
2008-05-09 mspiegelRenamed .parameters to parameters
2008-05-09 mspiegelApplied Jeff's patch to symmetric matrices.
2008-05-09 mspiegelSome cleanup of the Makefile. make install is now...
2008-05-09 mspiegelRenamed .data to values and added Timo's optimization...
2008-05-07 mspiegelA non-working version of SimpleRaw demo is in the trunk...
2008-05-07 mspiegelA working version of Simple Covariance demo!
2008-05-06 mspiegelAdded more files from OOP prototype into the repository...
2008-05-06 mspiegelStarted moving files into the subversion trunk. Create...
2008-04-16 mspiegelSome housekeeping for the trunk directory.
2007-12-07 mxTRB: Initial import--three directories and READMEs.