Revert "Add option to checkpoint every evaluation"
[openmx:openmx.git] / src / omxState.h
2014-05-04 jpritikinRevert "Add option to checkpoint every evaluation"
2014-05-03 jpritikinAdd option to checkpoint every evaluation
2014-04-17 jpritikinRemove unused arguments from omxRaiseError, omxRaiseErrorf
2014-04-11 jpritikinCheckpoint rewrite
2014-04-04 jpritikinDon't hide errors
2014-04-03 mhunterAdjust state space expectation for removal of omxRaiseE...
2014-04-03 jpritikinAdd FitContext::recordIterationError
2014-03-31 jpritikinReport all the errors instead of only the most recent one
2014-03-24 jpritikinEliminate a few more memory leaks
2014-03-22 jpritikinmxFitFunctionAlgebra derivatives
2014-03-22 jpritikinHook up numerical integration precision parameters
2014-03-18 jpritikinAdd mxOption for max stack depth
2014-03-15 jpritikinAdd some control parameters for Mike Neale (not hooked...
2014-03-13 jpritikinRe-architect fitfunction derivatives API using Eigen
2014-03-12 jpritikinEnable R_NO_REMAP for a cleaner namespace
2014-03-07 jpritikinFix various bugs in free.set variable groups
2014-01-23 jpritikinPermit rescaling of log-likelihood
2013-12-31 mhunterUpdate copyright.
2013-11-26 jpritikinCreate labels for special variable groups
2013-07-29 jpritikinAvoid final copyParamToModel when not needed
2013-07-27 jpritikinAdd sentinel to help detect memory corruption
2013-07-27 jpritikinMerge branch Csolnp
2013-07-27 Joshua Nathaniel... Grab csolnp stuff
2013-07-26 jpritikinRework initialization of starting values
2013-07-25 jpritikinFix/remove improper printf style formats
2013-07-18 jpritikinChange how dirty matrices are indicated
2013-07-18 jpritikinRewrite dependency tracking
2013-07-10 jpritikinFill in default upper & lower bounds
2013-07-10 jpritikinRework specification of free param groups per Tim's...
2013-06-28 jpritikinSplit BA81 into a fit function and expectation
2013-06-28 jpritikinAdd ComputeAssign
2013-06-24 jpritikinFix memory leaks
2013-06-24 jpritikinFree parameter groups
2013-06-24 jpritikinStore omxGlobal as a pointer to ensure proper init...
2013-06-22 jpritikinNPSOL linear constraints are unused (deadcode)
2013-06-21 jpritikinRemove parentState, not needed for mxLog
2013-06-20 jpritikinMove freeVars stuff out of omxState
2013-06-20 jpritikinCheckpoints only deal with the globalState
2013-06-20 jpritikinMove numIntervals, intervalList out of omxState
2013-06-20 jpritikinSplit omxState into truly global stuff and per-thread...
2013-06-20 jpritikinDeadcode
2013-06-19 jpritikinFix MultilevelUniRandomSlopeInt regression
2013-06-19 jpritikinAdd thread-safe logging functions
2013-06-18 jpritikinSwitch over to new structured Compute system
2013-06-18 jpritikinRefrain from copying markMatrices to omxState children
2013-06-17 jpritikinStore expectationList in std::vector
2013-06-17 jpritikinStore algebraList in std::vector
2013-06-16 jpritikinEncapsulate NPSOL into omxComputeGD; rework error statu...
2013-06-15 jpritikinRemove optimalValues, optimum, and currentInterval...
2013-06-15 jpritikinRemove fitMatrix from omxState
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 8/11
2013-06-14 jpritikinomxComputeEstimateHessian reorg 1/11
2013-06-13 jpritikinDeadcode
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Store algebraList in std::vector"
2013-06-13 jpritikinRevert "Store expectationList in std::vector"
2013-06-12 jpritikinDelete deadcode
2013-06-10 jpritikinStore expectationList in std::vector
2013-06-10 jpritikinStore algebraList in std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore dataList in std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinAll style guides recommend against "using namespace...
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore matrixList as a std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore freeVar locations in a std::vector
2013-06-08 jpritikinFix a few minor signedness warnings
2013-06-08 jpritikinRemove unimplemented OMX_SOCKET_CHECKPOINT
2013-04-17 jpritikinPrep for C++ compilation
2013-04-05 jpritikinRefrain from duplicating the model unless required...
2013-03-01 jpritikinRevert "Refrain from duplicating the model unless requi...
2013-03-01 jpritikinRefrain from duplicating the model unless required...
2013-03-01 mhunterUpdated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing...
2012-12-28 jpritikinFactor out fit diagnostics into omxExamineFitOutput
2012-12-28 jpritikinAdd varargs replacement for omxRaiseError
2012-11-25 mspiegelMerging the FitExpectation branch into the trunk.
2012-10-26 mspiegelAdded confidence interval calculations to checkpoint...
2012-09-20 mspiegelMoving NPSOL specific implementation to a separate...
2012-08-02 mspiegelMering dependency tracking into the trunk.
2012-06-20 mspiegelIntroduced omxPartialUpdateState() function.
2012-05-04 mspiegelWith checkpoint=TRUE, always write to the checkpoint
2012-02-28 mspiegelAdded mxOption("Analytic Gradients") with a default...
2012-01-04 mspiegelUpdating Copyright line (happy new year!)
2011-11-11 mspiegelAdding omxTotalThreadCount(omxState*) function
2011-11-08 mspiegelNecessary file forgot to check in changes.
2011-11-04 mspiegelBasic outline for updating mxState in FIML calculations...
2011-11-03 mspiegelEliminating dynamic matrices implementation
2011-11-03 mspiegelAttempting to propagate major and minor iteration numbers.
2011-11-03 mspiegelIntroducing the list of matrices created by the backend...
2011-11-02 mspiegelMore implementation on parallel FIML.
2011-11-02 mspiegelStarting to work on FIML parallelism, disabling paralle...
2011-11-02 mspiegelPreparing for OpenMP enabled FIML calculations
2011-10-10 tbrickAdded several omx-version BLAS functions to better...
2011-10-07 mspiegelChanges necessary to get "Number of Cores" option to...
2011-10-06 tbrickAdded omxState duplication process.
2011-09-22 tbrickFirst swipe at State duplication for parallelism. ...
2010-05-18 mspiegelImprovements to the checkpoint interface.
2010-05-17 mspiegelChanging header file to allow socket code to compile...
2010-05-13 tbrickApparently working version of file-based checkpoint...
2010-05-11 tbrickPartial check-in of checkpointing code.
2010-04-09 tbrickAdded sorting for eigenvalue and eigenvector functions...
2010-02-17 tbrickImplemention (untested) of hessian/std. error calculati...
2010-02-11 tbrickCleaned up omxRAMObjective, added a few new helper...
2009-09-24 tbrickFixed a bug in the back-end involving objective evaluat...