Handle model.mat[R,C] labels in BA81 latent distribution
[openmx:openmx.git] / src / omxExpectationBA81.cpp
2014-08-01 jpritikinHandle model.mat[R,C] labels in BA81 latent distribution
2014-07-31 jpritikinImplement new unprotect strategy
2014-07-30 jpritikinBA81: Cope with only mean or only cov (but not both)
2014-07-08 jpritikinFirst draft of AIC & BIC for IFA models
2014-07-03 jpritikinRemove naAction, simply require minItemsPerScore if...
2014-07-03 jpritikinEfficiently estimate a latent distribution without...
2014-07-02 jpritikinCheck orientation of mxDataDynamic mean vector
2014-07-02 jpritikinRename mxExpectationBA81 arguments per dev discussion
2014-07-02 jpritikinDefault mean & cov to standard normal
2014-07-02 jpritikinRefactor code to remove EAP scores; use RPF instead
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 6/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 5/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 4/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 3/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 2/6
2014-06-25 jpritikinRefactor BA81 code 1/6
2014-06-20 jpritikinEstimate 0 factor IFA models (null models)
2014-06-16 jpritikinExecute the end of the E-step in parallel
2014-06-16 jpritikinEnsure all items are in a valid specific group (two...
2014-06-16 jpritikinDisallow passing 1 item spec to get the same spec for...
2014-06-16 jpritikinCRAN prohibits variable length arrays
2014-06-10 jpritikinRefactor EAP calculation
2014-06-01 jpritikinUse type Eigen::DenseIndex instead of guessing int...
2014-05-31 jpritikinAuto-detect two-tier covariance structure; remove expli...
2014-05-31 jpritikinSplit BA81 quadrature code into a separate file
2014-05-31 jpritikinDon't need long width integer counters
2014-05-31 jpritikinRe-factor quadrature setup
2014-05-31 jpritikinOmit E-step related math for likelihood CIs
2014-05-31 jpritikinRepair debug logging
2014-05-31 jpritikinAlways recompute patternLik
2014-05-31 jpritikinRewrite EAP in terms of templates
2014-05-31 jpritikinReturn EAP scores as a data.frame and preserve row...
2014-05-31 jpritikinRefactor using Policy-based design 2/2
2014-05-31 jpritikinRefactor using Policy-based design 1/2
2014-05-31 jpritikinSpecialize E-step depending on whether the latent distr...
2014-05-31 jpritikinRepair typo induced by blind search & replace
2014-05-31 jpritikinSort quadrature by density (makes no difference?)
2014-05-31 jpritikinRow weights, version 2
2014-05-31 jpritikinMinor optimization
2014-05-15 jpritikinRepairs some uninitialized memory reads introduced...
2014-05-07 jpritikinAdd sanity check for minItemsPerScore
2014-05-05 jpritikinBetter protect BA81 from parallel execution
2014-05-05 jpritikinImplement naAction and minItemsPerScore options
2014-05-05 jpritikinRemove numUnique, was redundent
2014-05-05 jpritikinSet up BA81 internals for row weights
2014-05-03 jpritikinMatch item and data column names
2014-05-02 jpritikinIn addition to the mxOption, let mxData(sort=FALSE...
2014-04-28 jpritikinForce a positive semidefinite covariance matrix
2014-04-28 jpritikinDemand dimnames for the prior distribution
2014-04-28 jpritikinCoax summary to work with dynamic data
2014-04-17 jpritikinRemove unused arguments from omxRaiseError, omxRaiseErrorf
2014-04-12 jpritikinPlace BA81 expectation in observed mode by default
2014-04-04 jpritikinRemove unused omxInitMatrix argument
2014-04-04 jpritikinmxDataDynamic
2014-04-04 jpritikinAccept 1 item spec if they are all the same
2014-03-24 jpritikinFix omxMatrix memory model
2014-03-24 jpritikinEliminate a few more memory leaks
2014-03-16 jpritikinAdd protect to MxRList and simplify API
2014-03-15 jpritikinFactor out lots of calls to Rf_mkChar
2014-03-13 jpritikinRe-architect fitfunction derivatives API using Eigen
2014-03-12 jpritikinEnable R_NO_REMAP for a cleaner namespace
2014-03-07 jpritikinRearrange ComputeEM for SEM integration
2014-03-07 jpritikinReorg code for latent distribution
2014-03-07 jpritikinAdd a 3rd string argument to omxExpectation computeFun...
2014-03-02 jpritikinOptionally force a PD covariance matrix (not enabled)
2014-03-02 jpritikinSwitch verbose from a logical to an integer
2014-03-02 jpritikinRevert "Entertain a sample covariance formula"
2014-03-02 jpritikinEntertain a sample covariance formula
2014-03-02 jpritikinReorg for latent distribution parameter equal constraints
2014-02-28 jpritikinImprove mxComputeOnce, mxComputeEM APIs
2014-02-27 jpritikinRename EM fit functions to match DLR (1977) terminology
2014-02-27 jpritikinImprove diagnostics
2014-02-19 jpritikinProhibit rows with no information for some factor
2014-02-10 jpritikinMake debug output contingent of a debugInternal flag
2014-02-10 jpritikinMove BA81 expectation output/debug stuff to @output...
2014-01-17 jpritikinRemove old custom prior stuff
2013-12-31 jpritikinImprove debug output
2013-12-16 jpritikinSet scores with no information to NA
2013-12-14 jpritikinAllow non-bifactor design matrix
2013-11-20 jpritikinDon't warn if not all outcomes are represented in the...
2013-11-15 jpritikinFix quadrature for two-tier models
2013-11-13 jpritikinGeneric ComputeEM with Ramsay (1975) acceleration
2013-10-25 jpritikinMake MatrixInvert more generic
2013-10-04 jpritikinFix dependencies
2013-10-04 jpritikinFix order of multiply to avoid floating point overflow
2013-09-27 jpritikinRemove check whether all outcomes are represented in...
2013-08-22 jpritikinRemember N-R max caution across E-M cycles
2013-08-20 jpritikinReorg latent distribution algebra
2013-08-19 jpritikinFactor out multiply by quadrature area
2013-08-19 jpritikinTweak two-tier inner loop
2013-08-19 jpritikinNo need to take extra care to calculate EAP scores...
2013-08-17 jpritikinPrecompute quadrature locations
2013-08-17 jpritikinRemove excessive caching
2013-08-17 jpritikinCombine calculations into the E-step (helps two-tier...
2013-08-17 jpritikinAllow ComputeIterate to test maximum absolute change
2013-08-16 jpritikinRestore ability to verify EM derivs; add test
2013-08-12 jpritikinReorder two-tier loops
2013-08-12 jpritikinRewrite EM fit for new loop order
2013-08-12 jpritikinOpenMP tweaks
2013-08-12 jpritikinPre-divide Eis for two-tier