Document optimizers
[openmx:openmx.git] / Makefile
2014-02-14 jpritikinDocument optimizers
2014-02-13 jpritikinAdd documentation
2013-10-24 jpritikinAdd more aliases
2013-10-16 jpritikinAdd lots of doc aliases
2013-10-16 jpritikinAdd an install-cran rule
2013-10-10 jpritikinAdd documentation (more cran prep)
2013-10-03 jpritikinDocument a bunch of imx functions
2013-10-03 jpritikinFactor out code style check
2013-10-03 jpritikinTry again to fix Windows NPSOL build
2013-10-03 jpritikinFix shell escaping for windows build
2013-10-03 jpritikinFactor out rox generated documentation list
2013-10-03 jpritikinTry to fix windows NPSOL build
2013-10-03 jpritikinDocument new cran make targets
2013-10-03 jpritikinFix windows to build with/without NPSOL
2013-10-02 jpritikinFix build without NPSOL
2013-09-06 jpritikinAdd 'make test-csolnp'
2013-09-06 jpritikinGenerate dsym for MacOS debug symbols
2013-07-07 jpritikinRemove most instances of setFinalReturns
2013-07-06 jpritikinMove EAP scores to expectation slot scores.out
2013-06-28 jpritikinifa: Use R_GetCCallable to access libirt-rpf
2013-06-28 jpritikinifa: 2D and missing responses working
2013-06-21 jpritikinSet up a build rule for installing without NPSOL
2013-06-21 jpritikinReplace bloated autoconf script with a simple shell...
2013-06-20 jpritikinPrevent developers from using Rprintf
2013-06-12 jpritikinOptionally parallelize "make install"
2013-06-08 jpritikinSwitch to C++
2013-03-23 jpritikinNo need to install rox, move it to dev-only dir
2013-03-16 jpritikinRemove cut & pasted deadcode from MxLISRELModel.R
2013-03-03 jpritikinRun gctorture within gdb so we can get a stack trace
2013-02-25 jpritikinAvoid writing to the filesystem in tests
2013-02-24 jpritikinMerge testNightly with testModels
2013-02-02 jpritikinRemove obsolete CPU argument
2013-01-18 jpritikinMove script out of the Makefile to avoid quoting clashes
2013-01-18 jpritikinAdd rule to create R_LIBS_USER directory
2013-01-11 jpritikinDon't run roxygen2 by default
2013-01-04 jpritikinAdd 'make torture' for gctorture
2012-12-26 jpritikinMake omxCheckCloseEnough compare missingness pattern too
2012-12-26 jpritikinDoc rules should depend on rox
2012-12-23 jpritikinCreate temp-files directory (used in some tests)
2012-12-19 jpritikinTidy SymbolTable
2012-12-17 jpritikinRemove pointless Makefile acrobatics for Rd files
2012-12-13 jpritikinDocument dependency tracking system
2012-12-11 jpritikinDocument how to change CFLAGS
2012-11-25 mspiegelMerging the FitExpectation branch into the trunk.
2012-11-19 mspiegelMerging r2174 and r2175 into FitExpectation branch.
2012-10-11 jpritikinCope with building outside of subversion
2012-05-18 mspiegelEliminating "make memorytest" and renaming "make memory...
2012-05-10 mspiegelAdding make test "memorytest2"
2012-04-20 mspiegelUpdating makefile to use pdf generator instead of dvi...
2012-03-22 mspiegelAdded "make test nightlyPPML" target
2012-02-03 mspiegelFixing Makefile targets because R developers keep chang...
2012-01-27 mspiegelMinor changes to Makefile so that DESCRIPTION
2012-01-26 rgoreUpdates to enable mxVersion to give the build number...
2011-12-02 rgorePrepping version # for 1.2 beta release.
2011-12-02 rgoreUpdating version # and date info for 1.2 beta release.
2011-11-09 mspiegel(i) Updating Makefile to use OPENMP=[TRUE|FALSE] argument
2011-06-30 mspiegelPrepare Makefile for 32-bit/64-bit windows compilations...
2011-05-20 rgoreCorrected version name. Moved from 1.1.0 to 999.0.0
2011-05-20 rgoreFinal version number correction.
2011-05-20 rgoreCorrecting version number. It now reads 1.1.0-1657
2011-05-20 rgoreUpdate target to OpenMx_1.1.0-1654.tar.gz for beta...
2011-04-22 mspiegelExplicitly compressing so R 2.13...
2011-04-15 mspiegelAltering Makefile so OpenMx will compile with R 2.13.0
2011-04-07 rgoreBinary release 999.0.0-1609
2011-01-16 mspiegelSome changes to improve the build cycle.
2011-01-07 mspiegelAdding 'srcbuild' target to Makefile, alias for 'intern...
2011-01-06 mspiegelIncrement version number for pre-release
2011-01-06 mspiegelUpdating Makefile to include demo files in html referen...
2010-12-15 mspiegelAdding optional arguments CPUS=n to "make test" target
2010-10-24 mspiegelCleanup for 64-bit windows build.
2010-10-01 mspiegelChange version number to '999' in the OpenMx trunk
2010-10-01 mspiegel1.0.0 binary release
2010-09-27 mspiegelBinary release 0.9.2
2010-09-13 mspiegelBinary release 0.9.1-1421
2010-09-10 mspiegelBinary release 0.9.0-1417
2010-09-03 mspiegelOne more change to Makefile, should now work with R...
2010-09-03 mspiegelUpdating Makefile for x86, x86_64, ppc builds using...
2010-08-29 mspiegelBinary release 0.5.2
2010-08-22 mspiegelBinary release 0.5.1-1366
2010-08-09 mspiegelBinary release 0.5.0-1353
2010-07-12 mspiegelBinary release 0.4.1-1320
2010-07-09 mspiegelBinary release 0.4.0-1313
2010-05-24 mspiegelBugfixes! Binary release 0.3.3
2010-05-22 mspiegelIncrement version number to 0.3.2
2010-05-09 mspiegelIncrement version number to 0.3.1-1246
2010-04-20 mspiegelIncrement the version number to 0.3.0.
2010-03-17 mspiegeladded directory to repository for nightly tests ("make...
2010-03-14 mspiegelIncrement version counter to 0.2.10-1172
2010-03-14 mspiegelMore corrections to documentation.
2010-03-04 mspiegelIncrementing version counter to 0.2.9-1147
2010-03-03 mspiegelIncrement the version counter to 0.2.8-1133
2010-02-28 mspiegelIncrement the binary release number.
2010-02-23 mspiegelIncrement version number to 0.2.6-1114
2010-01-22 mspiegelIncrement version counter to 0.2.5-1050
2010-01-21 mspiegelAdded i386 build target to makefile (for cross-compilation)
2010-01-17 mspiegelAdded explicit --html flag to Makefile "html" target...
2010-01-17 mspiegelAdded build64 and buildppc targets to the Makefile.
2010-01-15 mspiegelIncrementing the version number
2009-12-05 mspiegelAdding target "build64" to makefile
2009-12-04 mspiegelUpdating version number to 0.2.3-1006