2014-04-11 mhunterExpectation-Fit revision to multigroup User's Guide...
2014-04-10 jpritikinTemporarily remove failing test from our torture list
2014-04-10 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-04-09 jpritikinAllow standard errors without Richardson extrapolation
2014-04-09 jpritikinIncrease default CSOLNP tolerance to 1e-9 to match...
2014-04-09 jpritikinR-2.14 does not have norm(...,"2")
2014-04-09 jpritikinRestore bootstrap tests
2014-04-08 mzaheryCSOLNP: gradient is returned
2014-04-08 jpritikinAdd failing optimizer test
2014-04-08 jpritikinUse --debugger-args, maybe helps on MacOS
2014-04-08 jpritikinSuppress gdb's new thread/thread exited messages
2014-04-08 jpritikinRepair test: don't ask for unavailable derivs
2014-04-08 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-04-07 jpritikinPreserve dimnames in assignments to MxMatrix slots
2014-04-07 jpritikinProhibit @ in test scripts
2014-04-07 jpritikinAdd test for a continuous time model (contributed by...
2014-04-07 rkirkpatrickAdded failing test for checkpointing output.
2014-04-07 jpritikinRefuse to compute derivs for no free parameters
2014-04-07 jpritikinFix bug introduced in "rework reporting of iterations...
2014-04-07 jpritikinFix hanging test
2014-04-06 jpritikinNewton-Raphson rewrite
2014-04-06 jpritikinRework reporting of iterations and optimizer status...
2014-04-05 jpritikinFix memory corruption in matrix populate lists
2014-04-05 jpritikinUpdate nightly IFA tests for mxDataDynamic
2014-04-05 jpritikinWill fail until gradient is returned by CSOLNP
2014-04-05 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-04-04 restabrookOrdinal and GMM docs done
2014-04-04 jpritikinRemove unused omxInitMatrix argument
2014-04-04 jpritikinmxDataDynamic
2014-04-04 jpritikinChange ASEM parameters based on more recent simulations
2014-04-04 jpritikinAccept 1 item spec if they are all the same
2014-04-04 jpritikinTidy imxExtractSlot
2014-04-04 jpritikinAdd more gdb hints
2014-04-04 jpritikinTest with gdb only if gdb is installed
2014-04-04 jpritikinDon't hide errors
2014-04-04 jpritikinRepair nightly trauma from the @->$ replacement
2014-04-04 jpritikinDemote some errors to debug output
2014-04-04 jpritikinSpeaking of aesthetics
2014-04-04 jpritikinRepair merge conflict
2014-04-03 jpritikinFix breakage in IFA tests from @->$ replacement
2014-04-03 jpritikinRevert "Move to failing until CSOLNP valgrind errors...
2014-04-03 jpritikinImprove aesthetics of "Adjust state space expectation...
2014-04-03 mhunterAdd state space test of inputs.
2014-04-03 mhunterAdjust state space expectation for removal of omxRaiseE...
2014-04-03 jpritikinRestore now passing test
2014-04-03 jpritikinFix misuse of stdargs macros
2014-04-03 jpritikinEnable gdb for the regular 'make test' variants
2014-04-03 tbrickReplaced @ with $ in demos and tests.
2014-04-03 tbrickChanges to avoid some slot conflicts using $ indexing.
2014-04-03 mzaheryCSOLNP: memory leaks solved
2014-04-03 jpritikinHook up recordIterationError for FIML
2014-04-03 jpritikinRemove lock from FitContext::resetIterationError
2014-04-03 jpritikinRevert "Restore now passing test"
2014-04-03 jpritikinAdd FitContext::recordIterationError
2014-04-03 jpritikinRestore now passing test
2014-04-03 mzaheryCSOLNP: memory leaks in omxCSOLNPConfidenceIntervals...
2014-04-03 mzaheryCSOLNP: prints changed to mxLog
2014-04-03 jpritikinDemote some errors to debug output
2014-04-02 jpritikinRevert "Development"
2014-04-02 jpritikinCope with too many errors
2014-04-02 jpritikinDevelopment
2014-04-02 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-04-02 mzaheryCsolnp: some prints removed
2014-04-02 jpritikinEnumerate errors if there is more than one
2014-04-02 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-04-01 jpritikinRestore SVN# in version (part 2)
2014-04-01 jpritikinRestore SVN# in version
2014-04-01 jpritikinMake CSOLNP the default optimizer
2014-04-01 mzaheryCSOLNP doc added: not complete
2014-04-01 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-03-31 jpritikinAdd Hessian information matrix for Normal expectations
2014-03-31 jpritikinReport all the errors instead of only the most recent one
2014-03-31 jpritikinCan fail due to CSOLNP valgrind issues
2014-03-30 jpritikinRelax tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-03-30 jpritikinReport correct Hessian
2014-03-29 mzaheryCSOLNP: Hessian returned
2014-03-29 mzaheryCSOLNP: matrix inverse function changed
2014-03-29 jpritikinUse mxOption mvn settings for omxMnor & omxAllInt Algeb...
2014-03-29 jpritikinRun the options list through omxCallAlgebra
2014-03-29 jpritikinRevert "Use mxOption mvn settings for omxMnor & omxAllI...
2014-03-29 jpritikinUse mxOption mvn settings for omxMnor & omxAllInt Algeb...
2014-03-29 jpritikinBetter if LISREL works
2014-03-29 tbrickAnother bugfix for @-to-$ transition.
2014-03-29 tbrickBugfix for @-to-$ transition.
2014-03-29 tbrickAdded $ accessors to several classes. Still need to...
2014-03-29 tbrickMoved seg-faulting LISREL tests to models/failing.
2014-03-29 jpritikinReduce tolerance for CSOLNP
2014-03-29 jpritikinMove to failing until CSOLNP valgrind errors are addressed
2014-03-28 jpritikinSwitch line endings back to unix style
2014-03-28 restabrookMixture Doc Pages
2014-03-28 mhunterPlug possible memory leak in LISREL expectation
2014-03-27 rkirkpatrickDocumentation-related tweaks to roxygen-related parts...
2014-03-27 rkirkpatrickFurther tweaks to .Rd files.
2014-03-27 mhunterFree more matrices from the state space expectation.
2014-03-27 rkirkpatrickUndoing my change to line 80 of mxCI.Rd .
2014-03-27 mhunterJoshua found the new bug that was killing WLS. The...
2014-03-27 rkirkpatrickTweaks to .Rd files based on cran-check results.
2014-03-27 mhunterCleaning failing models: remove working model
2014-03-27 mhunterCleaning failing models
2014-03-27 mhunterFailing WLS saturated test.