last changeMon, 6 Dec 2010 12:10:53 +0000 (13:10 +0100)
2010-12-06 Jon NordbyStyle: Use variableName, as that is the Qt coding style master
2010-11-29 Jon NordbyStyle fixups.
2010-11-29 Jon NordbyUpdate README with known bugs.
2010-11-26 Jon NordbyDon't emit changed signal when value did not change.
2010-11-26 Jon NordbySet more sane default size for main window.
2010-11-26 Jon NordbyDon't let the view change the currentIndex on view...
2010-11-26 Jon NordbyFix setup order in the mainwindow.
2010-11-26 Jon NordbyStrip file:// prefix in the title.
2010-11-26 Jon NordbyRename to Imago, update README file
2010-11-26 Jon NordbyAdd an alternative grid-based view.
2010-11-23 Jon NordbyTweak error dialog looks.
2010-11-23 Jon NordbyImprove error handling.
2010-11-22 Jon NordbyUpdate window title based on view mode.
2010-11-22 Jon NordbyAdd Quit action and remove unused statusbar.
2010-11-22 Jon NordbyAdd ability to only show the central image.
2010-11-22 Jon NordbyFix highlight in folder view.
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