Refacor whole structure
[opengigevision:opengigevision.git] / Main.cpp
2009-08-14 hirschRefacor whole structure
2009-08-13 hirschSwitch to GIL instead if VIGRA for image saving boost1.37
2009-08-12 hirschuse adresses extracted from camera's genicam file
2009-07-28 hirschuse libzip to decompress the genicam file
2009-07-27 hirsch * Use boost iostreams lib for decompressing the Genica...
2009-07-24 hirschadd GenICam manager for camera configuration
2009-07-22 hirschfactored out gigevision control manager
2009-07-21 hirschfactor out Gvsp functionality to it's own class
2009-07-10 hirschInitial version with prototype implementation