last changeThu, 27 Jan 2011 06:20:42 +0000 (01:20 -0500)
2011-01-27 Trever FischerGenerate valid XML again master
2011-01-17 Trever FischerUpdate to latest opencraft-model
2010-12-11 Trever FischerAdd geotagging and rewrite the main render method.
2010-12-11 Trever FischerThe surfaceview is now tons faster.
2010-12-11 Trever FischerStupid stupid stupid alpha blending mistake. Also,...
2010-12-05 Trever FischerNow that block positions are fixed, the heighmap needs...
2010-12-05 Trever FischerThe SurfaceView now peers below ice and water
2010-12-05 Trever FischerAdd support for transparency to the terrain overlay
2010-10-26 Trever FischerMisc underground improvements
2010-10-16 Trever FischerUse the lastModified property for chunks to only output...
2010-10-16 Trever FischerUse new model design, add threading, and more!
2010-09-28 Trever FischerAdded dependency for jopts-simple
2010-09-28 Trever FischerReworked the design to use Views and Overlays
2010-09-24 Trever FischerAdded support for adding layered overlays to the Plotter
2010-09-24 Trever FischerSet the HeightMap to plot with transparency instead...
2010-09-24 Trever FischerAdded a preliminary Terrain plotter
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