last changeFri, 23 Sep 2011 14:44:55 +0000 (10:44 -0400)
2011-09-23 Trever FischerDont log to stdout if in daemon mode master
2011-09-23 Trever Fischercrash-- in syslog
2011-09-23 Trever Fischercrash--
2011-09-23 Trever FischerKill IRC properly instead of hanging
2011-09-23 Trever FischerAdd spec file for RPMs
2011-09-23 Trever FischerAdd CMakeLists.txt for packaging
2011-09-23 Trever FischerAllow modification of the plugin paths
2011-09-23 Trever Fischerbind the tcp interface to
2011-09-05 Trever FischerHandle select exceptions
2011-09-05 Trever FischerRevert "Update to latest minecraft output"
2011-09-05 Trever Fischercrash--
2011-09-05 Trever FischerUpdate to latest minecraft output
2011-09-05 Trever Fischercrash--
2011-09-05 Trever FischerMerge
2011-09-05 Trever FischerSome simple block maps
2011-09-05 Trever FischerIntroduce a method for plugins to know when they are...
7 years ago v0.0.1 First release!
6 years ago master