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last changeWed, 3 Jul 2013 17:31:56 +0000 (13:31 -0400)
2013-07-03 Chris HarrisSet CMAKE_INSTALL_NAME_DIR on OSX master
2013-07-02 Chris HarrisSet CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH to point to library install dir
2013-07-02 Chris HarrisFix config file so things work in install and build...
2013-07-01 Chris HarrisInstall protobufConfig.cmake
2013-06-12 Chris HarrisCOMP: Fix build on Windows
2013-05-08 Chris HarrisSplit protoc into exe and library
2013-05-08 Chris HarrisUpdate CMakeLists.txt for source files added to protobuf
2013-05-08 Chris HarrisEnsure HAVE_ZLIB is defined is ZLIB is available
2013-05-08 Chris HarrisUpdate to include working proto...
2013-05-08 Chris HarrisUpdate version in CMakeLists.txt
2013-05-08 Chris HarrisUpdate protobuf source to v2.5
2013-04-24 Utkarsh AyachitBUG #14031: Avoid repeated try_compiles().
2013-03-21 Utkarsh AyachitAdd support to build without pthread (crosscompiling).
2012-10-23 Utkarsh AyachitBUG #13551: Reduce the size of protobuf module.
2012-09-16 Utkarsh AyachitRemoving protoc library to avoid Ninja build errors.
2012-08-03 Utkarsh AyachitFix EXPORT() rules.
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