last changeWed, 16 Dec 2009 17:45:14 +0000 (18:45 +0100)
2009-12-16 Uwe HermannCosmetics. master
2009-12-16 Uwe HermannBugfix: USB_D+/USB_D- were connected incorrectly.
2009-12-16 Uwe HermannCosmetics.
2009-12-15 Uwe HermannDrop all pullups/pulldowns (not needed on STM32).
2009-12-15 Uwe HermannAdapt PLCC32 pins.
2009-12-15 Uwe HermannMake PLCC32 socket symbol more compact.
2009-12-15 Uwe HermannSet DRC and route style to defaults.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannCreate higher-res PNG output of the PCBs.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannRename openbiosprog.pcb to openbiosprog-board.pcb.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannFix up Makefile dependencies a bit.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannCosmetics.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannUpdate README a bit.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannAdd missing netnames.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannSplit out VDD/VSS circuitry for better readability.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannCosmetics. Rename USB_DP to USB_D+ etc.
2009-12-14 Uwe HermannUse pin numbers, the *.cmd file converts to names.
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