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last changeThu, 12 Jun 2008 20:11:41 +0000 (21:11 +0100)
2008-06-12 andygot xlookups working for a really simple page master
2008-05-27 andyadded test for xlookup (plus various other things)
2008-05-27 andyadded a test case for xlookups (plus various other...
2008-04-22 andychange id to md-name but still initialize as id
2008-04-14 andysilly typo bug
2008-04-11 Andy ChambersRevert "make the js librar"
2008-04-11 Andy Chambersmake the js librar
2008-04-11 Andy ChambersFix loading order
2008-04-10 Andy Chamberslittle more work on the apropos demo
2008-04-08 Andy Chambersadded high-level macro to help making checkboxes
2008-04-08 Andy Chambersdon't send updates for input elements (browser already...
2008-04-08 Andy Chambersadded TODO list to source control
2008-04-08 Andy Chambersenable test-harness to work alongside hunchentoot
2008-04-08 Andy Chambersignore diff files
2008-04-07 Andy Chambersmore incremental changes including
2008-04-05 Andy ChambersBooyah!! First working example with ajax goodness...
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