Replace deprecated DOM.setElementAttribute().
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main /
2015-03-17 Murray CummingReplace deprecated DOM.setElementAttribute(). master
2015-03-17 Murray CummingReplace deprecated gwt.client.Element.
2015-03-17 Murray CummingRemove useless checks for null this.
2013-04-03 Murray CummingFix minor comment typos
2013-02-15 Murray CummingSelfHoster: Actually escape SQL IDs using JOOQ.
2013-02-15 Murray CummingTest MySQL via self-hosting too, instead of just Postgr...
2013-02-15 Murray CummingSqlUtils: Do not hard-code the PostgreSQL SQL dialect.
2013-02-15 Murray CummingSelfHosterPostgreSQL: Avoid some copy/pasting.
2013-02-15 Murray CummingAvoid some copy/pasted connection/statement code.
2013-02-15 Murray CummingDocument: Read and write the other hosting modes.
2013-01-29 Murray CummingImprove a comment with a link
2013-01-25 Murray CummingChange a translatable string slightly.
2013-01-25 Murray CummingAdded a Hungarian translation.
2013-01-25 Murray CummingUpdate translations from Glom.
2013-01-14 Murray Cummingtests: Split SelfHoster into SelfHoster and SelfHosterP...
2013-01-05 Murray CummingAdd a comment
2012-12-19 Murray CummingPrevent client code from reading our client cookie.
2012-12-19 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServlet(): Simplify getting the request in...
2012-12-19 Murray CummingDocumentLoginViewImpl: Refuse to try if not using HTTPS.
2012-12-19 Murray CummingOnlineGlomLoginServlet.checkAuthentication(): Require...
2012-12-19 Murray CummingDo not attempt connections for empty usernames and...
2012-12-17 Murray CummingUse the configuration file's username and password... user-access
2012-12-17 Murray CummingDocumentLoginViewImpl: Make this look like the document...
2012-12-17 Murray CummingOnlineGlomImagesServlet: Make authentication work.
2012-12-17 Murray CummingReally use the shared configuredDocumentSet and shared...
2012-12-17 Murray CummingMove configuredDocumentSet into the base OnlineGlomServlet.
2012-12-17 Murray CummingMove authentication to a separate login servlet.
2012-12-17 Murray CummingRenamed OnlineGlomImages to OnlineGlomImagesServlet.
2012-12-17 Murray CummingExperimenting with per-user access.
2012-12-12 Murray CummingDocumentLoginViewImpl: Make the strings translatable.
2012-12-07 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl: Check for authentication in...
2012-12-06 Murray CummingAdd a comment
2012-12-06 Murray CummingUse a custom PlaceController to go to the previous...
2012-12-05 Murray CummingSome checks for nulls.
2012-12-05 Murray CummingTurn the authenication popup into a real Place.
2012-12-04 Murray CummingDetailsActivity: Check for authentication here too.
2012-12-04 Murray CummingAuthentication: Reduce some copy/paste by moving code...
2012-12-04 Murray CummingAdd some comments
2012-12-02 Murray CummingDetailsPlace: Use a date-formatting API available in...
2012-12-02 Murray CummingIn the UI, allow primary keys to be any type, and test it.
2012-11-30 Murray CummingAllow primary keys to be any type, and test it.
2012-11-28 Murray CummingSelfHosting test: Also try using a relationship.
2012-11-19 Murray CummingDocument: Correct an import to use the correct Log...
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDetails: Get static image data from our images services. images
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDocument: Static image items: Store an image URL, using...
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDocument: Add getLayoutItemByPath().
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDocument: Use a better base64 decoder to read static...
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDocument: Do not use == to compare strings. Use equals().
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDocument: Add and use public constants for layout names.
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDocument: Load static text and image items too.
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDo not use client.GWT for shared code.
2012-11-16 Murray CummingUse image data when recreating databases for testing.
2012-11-16 Murray CummingOnlineGlomImages: Detect the mime-type (content type).
2012-11-16 Murray CummingDetails: Show images.
2012-11-16 Murray CummingAttempting to use base64 data URL for images.
2012-11-08 Murray CummingAdded an Indonesian translation.
2012-07-22 Murray CummingRename the servlet.
2012-07-21 Murray CummingRemove an outdated FIXME comment
2012-07-21 Murray CummingDocument: Load title translations and test them.
2012-07-20 Murray CummingSet JDBC timeouts.
2012-07-20 Murray CummingSome error checking.
2012-07-20 Murray CummingUpdate a comment
2012-07-20 Murray CummingLayoutItemFIeld: getName(): Use the Field if it is...
2012-07-19 Murray CummingAvoid another code warning in Eclipse Juno.
2012-07-13 Murray CummingSome cleanup by Eclipse
2012-07-13 Murray CummingAvoid some code warnings in Eclipse Juno
2012-06-22 Murray CummingAdded OnlineGlomPropertiesTest.
2012-06-20 Murray CummingMake OnlineGlomProperties be a normal class.
2012-06-15 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl.init(): Move some code into a...
2012-06-15 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl.OnlineGlomProperties: Improve...
2012-06-15 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl: Improve the OnlineGlomProperties...
2012-06-12 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Add a primary key to portals at...
2012-06-08 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Do not add a primary key to portals...
2012-05-25 Murray CummingDocument.load(): Support version 7 documents.
2012-05-24 Murray CummingUpdate translations, adding French.
2012-05-23 Murray CummingRemove LayoutItemPortal.get/setNavigationTable().
2012-05-21 Murray CummingSome final keywords, by Eclipse
2012-05-21 Murray CummingInitial self-hosting for tests.
2012-05-21 Murray CummingDocument: loading example data: Handle exceptions.
2012-05-20 Murray CummingDocument: load(), save(): Handle the example rows.
2012-05-20 Murray CummingDocument: Add save().
2012-05-17 Murray CummingAdded a TODO.
2012-05-17 Murray CummingSome member sorting by Eclipse
2012-05-17 Murray CummingOnlineGlomService: Simplify the getList/RelatedViewData...
2012-05-17 Murray CummingRemove final again from where it breaks GWT serialization.
2012-05-17 Murray CummingCleanup by Eclipse: Add final keywords.
2012-05-17 Murray CummingCleanup by Eclipse: Add parentheses.
2012-05-17 Murray CummingSome cleanup by Eclipse
2012-05-17 Murray CummingSome reformatting by Eclipse
2012-05-16 Murray CummingUse translations for top-level groups too.
2012-05-15 Murray CummingCorrections to navigation to related records.
2012-05-15 Murray CummingFix the use of translations.
2012-05-15 Murray CummingDocument: Correctly report the number of available...
2012-05-15 Murray CummingSqlUtils: Use camelCase. nonative
2012-05-15 Murray CummingUse jOOQ's tableByName() and fieldByName.
2012-05-15 Murray CummingSqlUtils: Remove the Connection parameters.
2012-05-14 Murray CummingFix quick find.
2012-05-14 Murray CummingTableToViewDetails: Use a real serialization ID.
2012-05-12 Murray CummingAdded LayoutItemPortalDeepCloneTest
2012-05-11 Murray CummingAdded missing file.