Update JDT settings.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main /
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathMove GWT-RPC objects to shared package (where they...
2011-02-16 Ben KonrathAdd sort clause to the sql query that grabs table infor...
2011-02-16 Ben KonrathDisable generateAsync feature of gwt-maven.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathAdd LGPL v3 licence notices.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathUse ArrayList instead of Array in GWT-RPC calls.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathAccess data from a postgres db rather than the example...
2011-02-02 Ben KonrathCall Glom.libglom_deinit() when the servlet is shutdown.
2011-01-28 Ben KonrathUse generated Util class to get the RPC Async interface.
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathConvert to gwt-maven project.