Make the TableSelector header match the mockup.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main / java / org / glom / web / client /
2011-08-11 Ben KonrathMake the TableSelector header match the mockup.
2011-05-12 Ben KonrathUse a LayoutPanel with multiple display areas for main...
2011-05-06 Ben KonrathUse Presenter for app navigation.
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathChange 'Demo' naming convention to 'Document'.
2011-04-05 Ben KonrathAdd new page for demo selection.
2011-04-04 Ben KonrathStart moving the existing OnlineGlom code to MVP.
2011-04-04 Ben KonrathMove View classes to their own package.
2011-04-02 Ben KonrathMove UI code from the main module to its own class.
2011-03-07 Ben KonrathAdd support for horizontal alignment in the LayoutList...
2011-03-02 Ben KonrathDon't display hidden tables in the combo box.
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathEnable the CellTable Pager when more than 20 rows need...
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathUse String arrays instead of GlomTable objects in GlomD...
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathRename LayoutList to LayoutListView.
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathRename RPC service classes from LibGlomService* to...
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathMove GWT-RPC objects to shared package (where they...
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathAdd LGPL v3 licence notices.
2011-01-28 Ben KonrathUse generated Util class to get the RPC Async interface.
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathConvert to gwt-maven project.