2012-04-19 Murray CummingReports: Try to avoid page breaks reports
2012-04-19 Murray CummingAdd some comments.
2012-04-19 Murray CummingReports: Localize the waiting for report message.
2012-04-19 Murray CummingReports: Show a message while waiting for the report.
2012-04-19 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Specify date and time formats.
2012-04-18 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Use the correct numeric formatting.
2012-04-18 Murray CummingCode formatting changes by Eclipse.
2012-04-18 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Avoid showing null for group by titles.
2012-04-18 Murray CummingRename a member variable
2012-04-18 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Add a colon to titles in vertical...
2012-04-18 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Simplify the code by using Position...
2012-04-18 Murray CummingReports: Support vertical groups, roughly.
2012-04-17 Murray CummingReports: Allow a second report to be shown.
2012-04-17 Murray CummingLocales drop-down: Show that we use English by default.
2012-04-17 Murray CummingUnselect the Report/Locale/Table combo item when approp...
2012-04-17 Murray CummingReport: Give the user a way to get back to the list.
2012-04-17 Murray CummingStyle: Remove overflow:hidden from searchbox
2012-04-13 Murray CummingReally show the selected Report name.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Try to avoid some problems.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingReports: Use quickFind.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingReportPlace: Actually use the report name.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingShow java.library.path when complaining.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingAdapt to the java-libglom 1.21.8 API.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingUse the latest java-libglom version.
2012-03-15 Murray CummingAdapt to the java-libglom 1.21.7 API.
2012-03-15 Murray CummingUse the latest java-libglom version.
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Do not show nulls.
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Make the title font larger.
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Put field titles inside groups, if...
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Take the Report itself instead of...
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Remove designBand parameters.
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Add lines, a bit like in the desktop...
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Correct the title positions and use...
2012-03-06 Murray CummingReportGenerator: Add a header band to show the field...
2012-03-05 Murray CummingReports drop-down list: Some improvement.
2012-03-05 Murray CummingDetailsActivity, ListActivity: Move some variables...
2012-03-05 Murray CummingTranslate the Reports label.
2012-03-05 Ben KonrathDisplay date and time in details view.
2012-03-05 Ben KonrathRemove gradient from selected tab.
2012-03-04 Murray CummingRequire the latest java-libglom.
2012-03-04 Murray CummingReports: Implement grouping.
2012-03-04 Murray CummingActually show some data with JasperReports.
2012-03-04 Murray CummingMore use of JasperReports, but it doesn't show data...
2012-03-04 Murray CummingReports Chooser: Show the titles, not the names.
2012-03-04 Murray CummingListViewDbAccess.getSelectQuery(): Avoid using empty...
2012-02-24 Ben KonrathImprove the tabs in the Notebook widget.
2012-02-17 Murray CummingSome simple use of JasperReports.
2012-02-15 Murray CummingDepend on jasperreports.
2012-02-15 Murray CummingFix the build.
2012-02-15 Murray Cumming1.21.4.1
2012-02-15 Murray CummingUse translations from Glom's .po files.
2012-01-31 Murray CummingImplement navigation to report places.
2012-01-31 Murray CummingMake ReportPlace usable.
2012-01-31 Murray CummingOnlineGlomService: Return report HTML rather than the...
2012-01-31 Murray CummingMore Spanish translated strings.
2012-01-31 Murray Cumming1.21.4
2012-01-31 Murray CummingTranslations: Try to translate the strings.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingLet Eclipse format all source code.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingAdd a (empty) Report Place, View, and Activity.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingTableSelectionViewImpl: Put the search label and entry...
2012-01-27 Murray CummingTranslate more strings in more locales.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl: Avoid (unlikely) null object...
2012-01-27 Murray CummingRemove unnecessary SuppressWarnings
2012-01-27 Murray CummingMinor formatting fixes.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingTell Eclipse about the generated java files.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingPrevent a crash when no locale is specified in the...
2012-01-26 Murray CummingFix previous commit.
2012-01-26 Murray CummingUse the ?locale= query param instead of the &lang=...
2012-01-26 Murray CummingInternationalize the UI strings.
2012-01-26 Murray CummingImprove null/empty String checks.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingMinor formatting change
2012-01-24 Murray CummingReports drop-down: Layout corrections.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingFix another badly-resolved conflict.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingFix typo.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingUpdate to the latest java-libglom API.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Avoid a null pointer exception.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingSome simple renaming.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Rename the localedID private member...
2012-01-24 Murray CummingAdd missing file.
2012-01-23 Murray CummingAdapt to the latest java-libglom API from git
2012-01-23 Murray CummingAdd and fill a Reports drop-down list box.
2012-01-22 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Rename the localedID private member...
2012-01-20 Murray Cumming1.21.1 1.21.1
2012-01-20 Murray CummingBuild a source tarball with mvn assembly:assembly
2012-01-19 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl: Get .glom files recursively.
2012-01-19 Murray CummingFix a typo
2012-01-19 Murray CummingREADME: Mention that you must install java-libglom...
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Show the correct selected locale...
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Do not lose the primary key.
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Do not lose the drop-down selection.
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Change the tables list when this...
2012-01-18 Murray CummingImprove the placement of the locales drop-down.
2012-01-17 Murray Cumminglocales selector: Show human-readable locale titles.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingAdd a language/locale selector drop-down.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingFix a typo.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingSearch box: Show the search text from the URL token.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingAllow use of translations via, for instance, &lang...
2012-01-17 Murray CummingDocuments: Remove final keyword to fix startup configur... libglom-1-20
2012-01-13 Murray CummingDocuments: Add some final keywords.
2012-01-13 Murray CummingOnlineGlomServiceImpl: Add to overview comments.