Use an HTML table instead of CSS for the FlowTable layout.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main / webapp / style.css
2011-11-23 Ben KonrathUse an HTML table instead of CSS for the FlowTable...
2011-10-26 Ben KonrathAdd style to Notebook that matches current theme.
2011-10-11 Ben KonrathRemove GWT styling from open button in details view.
2011-09-27 Ben KonrathPut tableselector on the right, back to list link on...
2011-09-18 Ben KonrathAdd related lists to details view.
2011-08-27 Ben KonrathAdd document title (database name) to top of the browse...
2011-08-25 Ben KonrathImplement the flow table layout in the Details View.
2011-08-15 Ben KonrathSet the height of the data element in the Details View.
2011-08-15 Ben KonrathMake the List View appearance match the mockups.
2011-08-12 Ben KonrathAdd better support for subgroups in the details view.
2011-08-11 Ben KonrathMake the TableSelector header match the mockup.
2011-07-11 Ben KonrathAdd main groups to the details view.
2011-06-14 Ben KonrathAdd data to the DetailsView using a hard-coded primary...
2011-06-02 Ben KonrathAdd CSS file from mockups.