Ignore LayoutItem_CalendarPortals.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main / java / org / glom / web / server / ConfiguredDocument.java
2011-11-28 Ben KonrathIgnore LayoutItem_CalendarPortals.
2011-11-28 Ben KonrathExtract method for creating the LayoutItemPortal DTO.
2011-11-27 Ben KonrathRename PrimaryKeyItem to TypedDataItem.
2011-11-25 Ben KonrathDon't use Strings to hold primary key values.
2011-11-16 Ben KonrathRework the fix for empty notebook tab labels.
2011-11-16 Ben KonrathSet group titles with name when title is empty.
2011-10-24 Ben KonrathCreate Notebook widgets to the details view.
2011-10-21 Ben KonrathAdd navigation buttons to related list tables.
2011-10-07 Ben KonrathAdd navigation buttons in the details view.
2011-09-27 Ben KonrathAdd field colouring to details view.
2011-09-26 Ben KonrathDon't use the ListDBAccess classes to get the primary...
2011-09-23 Ben KonrathLog which layout (list or details) the ignored item...
2011-09-23 Ben KonrathRename GlomField to DataItem and update associated...
2011-09-23 Ben KonrathRename GlomDocument to DocumentInfo and update associat...
2011-09-18 Ben KonrathAdd related lists to details view.
2011-09-15 Ben KonrathBreakup the OnlineGlomServiceImpl class to make it...
2011-07-09 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Set the port number too.
2011-07-09 Murray CummingConfiguredDocument: Warn that sqlite and self-hosting...
2011-07-08 Murray CummingSlightly improved log output when connection fails.
2011-06-28 Ben KonrathUse filename in Log for incorrect passwords.
2011-06-25 Ben KonrathMake the authentication popup work again.
2011-06-23 Ben KonrathExtract the ConfiguredDocument innerclass into its...