Reports: Use quickFind.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main / java / org / glom / web / client /
2012-04-13 Murray CummingReports: Use quickFind.
2012-04-13 Murray CummingReportPlace: Actually use the report name.
2012-03-05 Murray CummingReports drop-down list: Some improvement.
2012-03-05 Murray CummingDetailsActivity, ListActivity: Move some variables...
2012-03-05 Murray CummingTranslate the Reports label.
2012-03-05 Ben KonrathDisplay date and time in details view.
2012-03-04 Murray CummingReports Chooser: Show the titles, not the names.
2012-02-24 Ben KonrathImprove the tabs in the Notebook widget.
2012-01-31 Murray CummingImplement navigation to report places.
2012-01-31 Murray CummingMake ReportPlace usable.
2012-01-31 Murray CummingOnlineGlomService: Return report HTML rather than the...
2012-01-27 Murray CummingLet Eclipse format all source code.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingAdd a (empty) Report Place, View, and Activity.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingTableSelectionViewImpl: Put the search label and entry...
2012-01-27 Murray CummingTranslate more strings in more locales.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingMinor formatting fixes.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingPrevent a crash when no locale is specified in the...
2012-01-26 Murray CummingFix previous commit.
2012-01-26 Murray CummingUse the ?locale= query param instead of the &lang=...
2012-01-26 Murray CummingInternationalize the UI strings.
2012-01-26 Murray CummingImprove null/empty String checks.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingReports drop-down: Layout corrections.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingFix another badly-resolved conflict.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingFix typo.
2012-01-24 Murray CummingSome simple renaming.
2012-01-23 Murray CummingAdd and fill a Reports drop-down list box.
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Show the correct selected locale...
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Do not lose the primary key.
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Do not lose the drop-down selection.
2012-01-18 Murray Cumminglocales drop-down: Change the tables list when this...
2012-01-18 Murray CummingImprove the placement of the locales drop-down.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingAdd a language/locale selector drop-down.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingFix a typo.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingSearch box: Show the search text from the URL token.
2012-01-17 Murray CummingAllow use of translations via, for instance, &lang...
2012-01-12 Murray CummingAdd a search box.
2012-01-12 Murray CummingListTable: Minor change.
2012-01-12 Murray CummingSeveral files: Use final for the parameters and use...
2012-01-12 Murray CummingMinor documentation/comment changes
2012-01-11 Ben KonrathAdd anchor links for single line text that starts with...
2012-01-11 Ben KonrathAdd ellipsis to single line text in details view.
2012-01-04 Murray CummingUpdate a copyright year.
2012-01-04 Murray CummingRemove all javadoc author tags.
2012-01-03 Murray Cumming*View: Remove unused imports.
2012-01-02 Murray CummingMove the *View::Presenter types, and some API into...
2012-01-02 Murray CummingOnlineGlom: Make clientFactory a (protected) member...
2012-01-01 Murray CummingGwtTestOnlineGlom: Test a little more.
2012-01-01 Murray CummingSlight modification to *Mapper comments.
2012-01-01 Murray CummingAdd comments with my understanding of the ClientFactory
2011-12-22 Ben KonrathChange charsetName to "UTF-8" when replacing line breaks.
2011-12-22 Ben KonrathFix a crasher when refreshing the list view with the...
2011-12-19 Murray CummingAvoid a crash in parsing of token parameters.
2011-12-19 Murray CummingHistory token building/handling: Improve use of token...
2011-12-17 Murray CummingUpdate a URL in a comment
2011-12-16 Murray CummingFix a Navgiation->Navigation typo in the code.
2011-12-16 Murray CummingFix a seperator->separator typo in the code.
2011-12-14 Ben KonrathReplace \n with <br/> for multiline text in the details...
2011-12-14 Ben KonrathFix bouncy CellTable while paging.
2011-12-14 Ben KonrathRevamp the appearance of the document selection page.
2011-12-13 Ben KonrathSet navigation button column to the smallest size possible.
2011-12-13 Ben KonrathChange OpenButton nomenclature to NavigationButton.
2011-12-12 Ben KonrathRemove unnecessary String argument in RelatedListTable...
2011-12-12 Ben KonrathUpdate variable names and comments.
2011-12-12 Ben KonrathProperly initialize numNonEmptyRows variable to zero.
2011-12-02 Ben KonrathRevert "Align TYPE_NUMERIC with AUTO alignment to the...
2011-12-02 Ben KonrathAlign TYPE_NUMERIC with AUTO alignment to the right...
2011-12-02 Ben KonrathDisplay currency codes in the details view.
2011-12-02 Ben KonrathUpdate / fix some comments.
2011-12-02 Ben KonrathUse checkboxes for booleans in the details view.
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathImprove performance of related list height calculation.
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathShow related list tables in notebooks (again).
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathUse CellTable API for table property instead of setting...
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathMake ListViewTable and RelatedListTable a consistent...
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathUse 'visibility: hidden' in Utils.getWidgetHeight().
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathUse Utils.getWidgetHeight() in FlowTable.
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathPut the details css class name on the correct table...
2011-11-29 Ben KonrathOnly allow RelatedListTables in Portals.
2011-11-29 Ben KonrathOnly create a contents panel for Portals when title...
2011-11-29 Ben KonrathSet TabLayoutPanel height based on calculated height...
2011-11-29 Ben KonrathRemove unnecessary <div> in the Notebook widget.
2011-11-29 Ben KonrathDon't add group titles for Portals in Notebooks.
2011-11-28 Ben KonrathRemove unused boolean argument in Portal constructor.
2011-11-28 Ben Konrath Remove hack for glom 1.18 style glom files.
2011-11-28 Ben KonrathDon't use TypedDataItem.getText() for Unknown types...
2011-11-28 Ben KonrathCreate primary key value from URL string using type...
2011-11-27 Ben KonrathRename PrimaryKeyItem to TypedDataItem.
2011-11-25 Ben KonrathImprove browser configuration error messages.
2011-11-25 Ben KonrathDon't use Strings to hold primary key values.
2011-11-23 Ben KonrathDon't explicitly set the height of Portals.
2011-11-23 Ben KonrathUse an HTML table instead of CSS for the FlowTable...
2011-11-17 Ben KonrathEnsure the pager buttons are always visible for related...
2011-11-16 Ben KonrathRework the fix for empty notebook tab labels.
2011-11-15 Ben KonrathAdd space between the columns of the flow table.
2011-10-31 Ben KonrathDon't use GWT numeric formatting to override the glom...
2011-10-26 Ben KonrathAdd style to Notebook that matches current theme.
2011-10-26 Ben KonrathDisplay the correct number of data items in the pager.
2011-10-26 Ben KonrathCorrect error in previous commit.
2011-10-26 Ben KonrathFix error in TODO comment.
2011-10-24 Ben KonrathCreate Notebook widgets to the details view.
2011-10-21 Ben KonrathAdd navigation buttons to related list tables.