Add navigation buttons to related list tables.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / src / main / java / org / glom / web / client / ui /
2011-10-21 Ben KonrathAdd navigation buttons to related list tables.
2011-10-11 Ben KonrathEnable the open navigation button when the data has...
2011-10-11 Ben KonrathUse IsWidget interface for FlowTableItem.
2011-10-11 Ben KonrathRemove GWT styling from open button in details view.
2011-10-07 Ben KonrathAdd navigation buttons in the details view.
2011-10-07 Ben KonrathRename Field to DetailsCell.
2011-10-07 Ben KonrathDon't use TableSelectorImpl implementation details...
2011-09-30 Ben KonrathDisable the pager in the list tables when the data...
2011-09-30 Ben KonrathAdd empty rows to the end of related list and list...
2011-09-27 Ben KonrathUse GWT.log for client-side debugging statements.
2011-09-27 Ben KonrathAdd field colouring to details view.
2011-09-26 Ben KonrathSimplify code that iterates through the LayoutGroup.
2011-09-23 Ben KonrathRename GlomField to DataItem and update associated...
2011-09-18 Ben KonrathAdd related lists to details view.
2011-09-06 Ben KonrathCreate separate classes for list table code and the...
2011-09-01 Ben KonrathSet title of Portals in the Details View.
2011-09-01 Ben KonrathRemove TODO comment for the flow table column width.
2011-08-27 Ben KonrathAdd document title (database name) to top of the browse...
2011-08-25 Ben KonrathImplement the flow table layout in the Details View.
2011-08-16 Ben KonrathCreate container element for LayoutItemPortal in Detail...
2011-08-15 Ben KonrathSet the height of the data element in the Details View.
2011-08-15 Ben KonrathMake the List View appearance match the mockups.
2011-08-12 Ben KonrathAdd better support for subgroups in the details view.
2011-08-11 Ben KonrathMake the TableSelector header match the mockup.
2011-07-27 Murray CummingDetails: add a colon after the field title.
2011-07-13 Ben KonrathAdd support sub-group in the details view.
2011-07-12 Ben KonrathIgnore LayoutItemPortals in the details view.
2011-07-11 Ben KonrathRemove "Table:" label from table selector.
2011-07-11 Ben KonrathAdd main groups to the details view.
2011-06-28 Ben KonrathAdd the table name to the URL token for the ListPlace.
2011-06-28 Ben KonrathEnable the table selector in the DetailsView.
2011-06-27 Ben KonrathUse filename based unique document ID in URL and for...
2011-06-24 Ben KonrathPass primary key value to DetailsView.
2011-06-24 Ben KonrathAdd primary key index to LayoutGroup DTO and add Provid...
2011-06-23 Ben KonrathRename getTableData methods to getListData.
2011-06-21 Ben KonrathUse the LayoutGroup group for the list layout instead...
2011-06-14 Ben KonrathAdd data to the DetailsView using a hard-coded primary...
2011-06-03 Ben KonrathUse presenter.goTo() to change to the DetailsPlace.
2011-06-02 Ben KonrathDisplay main layout group titles in the DetailsView.
2011-05-19 Ben KonrathAdd a "Back to List" link when at the DetailsPlace.
2011-05-18 Ben KonrathEnable the "Details" buttons.
2011-05-12 Ben KonrathUse a LayoutPanel with multiple display areas for main...
2011-05-06 Ben KonrathRename OnlineGlomPlace to ListPlace.
2011-05-06 Ben KonrathUse Presenter for app navigation.
2011-04-14 Ben KonrathPrompt for db username/password if they haven't been...
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathRemove unnecessary @Override in DocumentSelectionViewImpl.
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathRemove center alignment in DocumentSelectionView.
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathChange 'Demo' naming convention to 'Document'.
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathDisplay an error if no glom documents are found in...
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathAdd copyright header to files without it.
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathAdd support for accessing multiple glom documents in...
2011-04-05 Ben KonrathAdd new page for demo selection.
2011-04-05 Ben KonrathMove RPC code from OnlineGlomViewImpl to OnlineGlomActi...
2011-04-04 Ben KonrathStart moving the existing OnlineGlom code to MVP.
2011-04-04 Ben KonrathMove View classes to their own package.