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2012-01-27 Murray CummingMinor formatting fixes.
2012-01-27 Murray CummingPrevent a crash when no locale is specified in the...
2012-01-26 Murray CummingFix previous commit.
2012-01-26 Murray CummingUse the ?locale= query param instead of the &lang=...
2012-01-04 Murray CummingRemove all javadoc author tags.
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathUse 'visibility: hidden' in Utils.getWidgetHeight().
2011-12-01 Ben KonrathUse Utils.getWidgetHeight() in FlowTable.
2011-11-27 Ben KonrathRename PrimaryKeyItem to TypedDataItem.
2011-11-25 Ben KonrathDon't use Strings to hold primary key values.
2011-10-31 Ben KonrathDon't use GWT numeric formatting to override the glom...
2011-10-24 Ben KonrathCreate Notebook widgets to the details view.
2011-09-27 Ben KonrathAdd field colouring to details view.