Slight modification to *Mapper comments.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / pom.xml
2012-01-01 Murray CummingTests: Added the beginnings of a test using gwt-test...
2011-12-30 Murray CummingUse the surefire-report plugin.
2011-12-30 Murray CummingAdded a first unit test.
2011-12-30 Murray CummingUpdate a URL in a comment
2011-12-30 Murray CummingUpdate a URL in a comment
2011-11-09 Ben KonrathUse latest release of gwt-log.
2011-10-31 Murray CummingUse the master branch of java-libglom
2011-10-27 Ben KonrathRequire the latest release of java-libglom (1.17.4).
2011-10-07 Ben KonrathUpdate to GWT 2.4.0.
2011-09-20 Ben KonrathRequire java-libglom 1.17.3.
2011-09-18 Ben KonrathAdd related lists to details view.
2011-09-01 Ben KonrathSet title of Portals in the Details View.
2011-07-12 Ben KonrathUse java-libglom 1.17.0.
2011-07-07 Ben KonrathUpdate project config files for Eclipse 3.7 and use...
2011-05-24 Ben KonrathUpdate gwt-log from 3.1.0 to 3.1.2.
2011-03-25 Ben KonrathAdd server side logging with the gwt-log library.
2011-03-10 Ben KonrathAdd comment to pom.xml about the previous change.
2011-03-10 Ben KonrathChange java-libglom dependency from compile to provided...
2011-03-08 Ben KonrathRemove test classes, launch configurations and configur...
2011-03-07 Ben KonrathUpdate gwt-maven plugin to 2.2.0 and fix other configua...
2011-03-01 Ben KonrathUse GWT 2.2.0 instead of 2.1.1.
2011-02-16 Ben KonrathDisable generateAsync feature of gwt-maven.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathAccess data from a postgres db rather than the example...
2011-02-02 Ben Konrath Update Eclipse and Maven configs to in preparation...
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathConvert to gwt-maven project.