Fix problem with file loading.
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2011-05-27 Ben KonrathFix problem with file loading.
2011-05-24 Ben KonrathUpdate gwt-log from 3.1.0 to 3.1.2.
2011-05-24 Ben KonrathAdd comment to ListActivity.goTo() method.
2011-05-24 Ben KonrathRemove FIXME in convertGdkColorToHtmlColour()
2011-05-19 Ben KonrathImprove performance of initial ListView load.
2011-05-19 Ben KonrathOverride toDebugString() in TableChangeEvent.
2011-05-19 Ben KonrathAdd a "Back to List" link when at the DetailsPlace.
2011-05-18 Ben KonrathEnable the "Details" buttons.
2011-05-12 Ben KonrathUse a LayoutPanel with multiple display areas for main...
2011-05-06 Ben KonrathRename OnlineGlomPlace to ListPlace.
2011-05-06 Ben KonrathUse Presenter for app navigation.
2011-04-14 Ben KonrathPrompt for db username/password if they haven't been...
2011-04-12 Ben KonrathMake log messages a little clearer.
2011-04-12 Ben KonrathProtect against NPEs when cleaning up database resources.
2011-04-12 Ben KonrathMove configuration of the servlet to the constructor.
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathRemove unnecessary @Override in DocumentSelectionViewImpl.
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathRemove center alignment in DocumentSelectionView.
2011-04-11 Ben KonrathChange 'Demo' naming convention to 'Document'.
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathRemove FIXME from safeLongToInt() method.
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathDisplay an error if no glom documents are found in...
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathAdd copyright header to one more file ... oops.
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathAdd copyright header to files without it.
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathAdd support for accessing multiple glom documents in...
2011-04-08 Ben KonrathUpdate the Eclipse JDT configuration.
2011-04-05 Ben KonrathAdd new page for demo selection.
2011-04-05 Ben KonrathMove RPC code from OnlineGlomViewImpl to OnlineGlomActi...
2011-04-04 Ben KonrathStart moving the existing OnlineGlom code to MVP.
2011-04-04 Ben KonrathMove View classes to their own package.
2011-04-02 Ben KonrathMove UI code from the main module to its own class.
2011-04-01 Ben KonrathFix formatting of gwt.xml and add DTD.
2011-03-30 Ben KonrathPropperly convert gdkColor string to html colour string.
2011-03-28 Ben KonrathChange implementation of OnlineGlomServiceImpl.getColum...
2011-03-28 Ben KonrathUse read-only checkboxes for boolean field types.
2011-03-25 Ben KonrathDon't get the Date twice from the ResultSet.
2011-03-25 Ben KonrathCleanup code in the servlet.
2011-03-25 Ben KonrathAdd server side logging with the gwt-log library.
2011-03-24 Ben KonrathAdd a disable button for the Details view.
2011-03-22 Ben KonrathUse a count query to get the number of rows for the...
2011-03-22 Ben KonrathAdd more TODO information about CellTable pager positio...
2011-03-19 Ben KonrathAdd TODO item about CellTable pager positioning.
2011-03-18 Ben KonrathRemove unneeded GlomFieldColumn class.
2011-03-18 Ben KonrathUse cursor mode in the query that gets data for the...
2011-03-15 Ben KonrathRemove the GWT Container from the Eclipse build classpath.
2011-03-15 Murray CummingAdded some earlier mockups to git, but not to the tarba...
2011-03-14 Ben KonrathLocate using the ServletContext.
2011-03-12 Ben KonrathAdd note to README about why we're compiling down to...
2011-03-11 Ben KonrathUse properites file to configure servlet.
2011-03-11 Ben KonrathUse table fields in layout list view if the layout...
2011-03-11 Ben KonrathOnly show FIXME string for images when there's an image.
2011-03-11 Ben KonrathSet text for fields with TYPE_IMAGE and TYPE_INVALID...
2011-03-11 Ben KonrathCorrectly set the index of the default table.
2011-03-10 Ben KonrathAdd comment to pom.xml about the previous change.
2011-03-10 Ben KonrathChange java-libglom dependency from compile to provided...
2011-03-09 Ben KonrathChange to using a neutral locale for currency, date...
2011-03-09 Ben KonrathAdd support for currency codes that are not ISO 4217...
2011-03-08 Ben KonrathRemove test classes, launch configurations and configur...
2011-03-07 Ben KonrathUpdate gwt-maven plugin to 2.2.0 and fix other configua...
2011-03-07 Ben KonrathAdd support for horizontal alignment in the LayoutList...
2011-03-04 Ben KonrathAdd support for column sorting.
2011-03-03 Ben KonrathAdd entry to ChangeLog for previous commit.
2011-03-02 Ben KonrathDon't display hidden tables in the combo box.
2011-03-01 Ben KonrathAdd support of Date and Time number types.
2011-03-01 Ben KonrathAdd support for formatting glom types as specified...
2011-03-01 Ben KonrathUse GWT 2.2.0 instead of 2.1.1.
2011-03-01 Ben KonrathA few small code cleanups.
2011-02-28 Ben KonrathAdd file for TODO list.
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathEnable the CellTable Pager when more than 20 rows need...
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathUse String arrays instead of GlomTable objects in GlomD...
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathAdd option to turn off formatting in JDT formatter...
2011-02-18 Ben KonrathRename LayoutList to LayoutListView.
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathMove LayoutListDataProvider class into
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathRename RPC service classes from LibGlomService* to...
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathUpdate JDT settings.
2011-02-17 Ben KonrathMove GWT-RPC objects to shared package (where they...
2011-02-16 Ben KonrathAdd sort clause to the sql query that grabs table infor...
2011-02-16 Ben KonrathDisable generateAsync feature of gwt-maven.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathAdd LGPL v3 licence notices.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathUse ArrayList instead of Array in GWT-RPC calls.
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathAccess data from a postgres db rather than the example...
2011-02-14 Ben KonrathUpdate Java formatter settings.
2011-02-02 Ben Konrath Update Eclipse and Maven configs to in preparation...
2011-02-02 Ben KonrathAdd information about a deployment related issue.
2011-02-02 Ben KonrathCall Glom.libglom_deinit() when the servlet is shutdown.
2011-01-28 Ben KonrathUse generated Util class to get the RPC Async interface.
2011-01-27 Ben KonrathCleanup ChangeLog entry from previous commit.
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathConvert to gwt-maven project.
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathRemove unused println.
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathAdd project specific JDT settings.
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathPopulate celltable with example data.
2011-01-20 Ben Konrath Set table headers when table dropBox changes.
2011-01-18 Ben KonrathMake a listBox with table titles instead of the flexTab...
2011-01-13 Ben KonrathUpdate to new java-libglom API.
2010-12-20 Ben KonrathAdd some basic style to the table listing.
2010-12-20 Ben KonrathLoad example file from installed glom dir.
2010-12-20 Ben KonrathUpdate Eclipse settings.
2010-12-17 Ben KonrathInitial commit.