Adapt to the java-libglom 1.21.7 API.
[online-glom:gwt-glom.git] / .gitignore
2011-11-15 Ben KonrathAdd backup files to the .gitignore.
2011-10-07 Ben KonrathUpdate to GWT 2.4.0.
2011-07-07 Ben KonrathUpdate project config files for Eclipse 3.7 and use...
2011-04-05 Ben KonrathAdd new page for demo selection.
2011-03-25 Ben KonrathAdd server side logging with the gwt-log library.
2011-03-07 Ben KonrathUpdate gwt-maven plugin to 2.2.0 and fix other configua...
2011-01-25 Ben KonrathConvert to gwt-maven project.
2011-01-13 Ben KonrathUpdate to new java-libglom API.
2010-12-17 Ben KonrathInitial commit.