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2011-02-20 Oliver McFaddenrevenge: released version 2.0.0. master revenge/2.0.0
2008-02-02 Oliver McFaddenUpdated the email address mentioned in the README file.
2007-12-22 Oliver McFaddenCorrected a segfault when the ring buffer is inside...
2007-12-09 Oliver McFaddenAdded file and line information to the error messages.
2007-12-09 Oliver McFaddenIndented the code with GNU Indent again.
2007-11-23 Maciej CencoraCorrected RS690 GART support.
2007-11-23 Oliver McFaddenAdded a README file explaining how to use Revenge.
2007-11-19 Oliver McFaddenReleased 1.1 for RS690 support and GPL 3 license.
2007-11-19 Oliver McFaddenUpdated the license headers for GPL 3.
2007-11-12 Oliver McFaddenRenamed the PCI-E GART detection function.
2007-11-12 Oliver McFaddenCleaned up and renamed the GART address translation...
2007-11-09 Oliver McFaddenAdded a Vim fold marker around the registers in the...
2007-11-08 Maciej CencoraAdded initial RS690 GART support.
2007-11-06 Oliver McFaddenChanged the version number for a bug-fix release...
2007-11-06 Oliver McFaddenCorrected some binary objects listed in the Makefile.
2007-11-01 Oliver McFaddenAdded completely untested PCI interface support...
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