last changeMon, 27 Aug 2012 16:57:13 +0000 (11:57 -0500)
2012-08-27 Misael Lopez... tone_generator: Stop writing when pcm_write fails master
2012-08-27 Misael Lopez... card-omap-abe: Add card alias for OMAP5EVM misael/topic/sevm-card-alias-v1
2012-08-23 Gabriel M.... audio-tool 1.1-rc1 audio-tool-1.1-rc1
2012-08-13 Gabriel M.... card-omap-abe: Add card aliases for Tablet44xx and... gabe/topic/rearch-01
2012-08-09 Gabriel M.... module: Create a command module type.
2012-08-09 Gabriel M.... card-hdmi, card-omap4hdmi: Remove HDMI card modules.
2012-08-09 Gabriel M.... card-omap-abe: Consolodate OMAP45 and SDP4430 into...
2012-08-09 Gabriel M.... Rename audio-tool.c to main.c
2012-07-12 Gabriel M.... Merge upstream branch 'tinyalsa/master' into master
2012-07-10 Gabriel M.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/misa/topic/default...
2012-07-10 Gabriel M.... Merge branch 'gabe/topic/defaults-00'
2012-06-21 Misael Lopez... tone_generator: pcm format from -b argument misa/topic/defaults-00
2012-06-17 Misael Lopez... Add support for Voice Record
2012-06-13 Misael Lopez... Add support for Echo Reference
2012-06-13 Misael Lopez... Add Voice Capture Mixer Capture switch
2012-05-16 tinyalsaMerge pull request #14 from kyoungpark/master
5 years ago audio-tool-1.1-rc1
6 years ago audio-tool-1.0
3 years ago topic/omap-ddt-vayu
5 years ago topic/omap-ddt
5 years ago misa/topic/lockfree-io-00
5 years ago gabe/topic/lockfree-io-00
5 years ago misa/topic/mux_ul
5 years ago gabe/topic/drift-test-00
5 years ago misael/topic/misc-fixes-00
5 years ago master
5 years ago misael/topic/sevm-card-alias-v1
5 years ago misael/topic/reset-v1
5 years ago misael/topic/tinymix-v1
5 years ago misael/topic/mmap-v1
5 years ago gabe/topic/rawplay-00
5 years ago gabe/topic/rearch-01
5 years ago misa/topic/defaults-00
6 years ago gabe/topic/defaults-00