2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenbusybox: Make reset utility an option and enable it...
2014-04-23 Esben Haabendalgettext: Fixup library packaging
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensengettext: Use a new variable to set both DEPENDS and...
2014-04-23 Esben Haabendalglib: Fix compatibility with mingw32
2014-04-23 Esben Haabendaldosfstools: Only build for unix archs (linux and darwin)
2014-04-23 Esben Haabendalexpat: Fixup mingw dll paths (again)
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenopenssl: Split out utilities in seperate packages.
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenopenssl: Add version 1.0.1g (Post heartbleed vulnerability)
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensengnutls: Add version 3.2.13 (post X509 auth vulnerability)
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensendhcp: Add version 4.2.5-P1
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensendhcp: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensendosfstools: Add version 3.0.24
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenethtool: Add version 3.12.1
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenattr: Add version 2.4.47
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenattr: Use auto-package-libs instead of library
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenattr: Change split and fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensendropbear: Add version 2013.62
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensendropbear: Fix DEPENDS
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensendropbear: Allow specifying SRC_URI tarball extention
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenlibffi: Add version 3.0.13
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenlibffi: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenexpat: Add version 2.1.0
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenexpat: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenhdparm: Add version 9.43
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenhdparm: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenvsftpd: Allow for setting FTP_HOME through USE flag
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenntp: Only install ntpdate in /etc/network/if-up.d if...
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenoverlay-files: Correct path to fallback link
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenclasses/over-files: Fix for loop
2014-04-23 Christian Sørensenvalgrind: Dont RDEPEND on ld-so-dbg
2014-04-14 Esben Haabendalexpat: Prepare for upgrade
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendalust: Fix inter-package -dev dependency
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendallttng-tools: Use versioned dependency on lttng libraries
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendallttng-ust: Fix inter-package -dev dependency
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendaluserspace-rcu: Fix inter-package -dev dependency
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendallttng-ust: Add forwards compatibility with new library...
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendaluserspace-rcu: Add forwards compatibility with new...
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendaldbus-glib: Set LIBRARY_VERSION for old versions
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendaldbus-glib: Fix package dependency for 0.92
2014-03-26 Esben Haabendalwpa-supplicant: Fix dependencies for 0.7.3
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendaltcpdump: Fix 4.1.1, broken by a7082befc159d1c576153d65f...
2014-03-25 Esben HaabendalMark new recipe versions as optional
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendaldbus: Remove 1.7.0 remains
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus: Remove version 1.7.0
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendaljson-c: Fix rebuild issue
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalboost: Fix problems with linking and enable of atomic
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalmonit: Fix rebuild issue
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalgnutls: Fix rebuild issue
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalapr: Fix rebuild issue
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardser2net: New recipe
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensengconf: Set correct library names
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalgconf: Backwards compatibility, remove in next major...
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalgconf: Improved packaging
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalstrongswan: Fixup DEPENDS
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenstrongswan: New recipe
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensensamba: Backwards compatibility, remove in next major...
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensensamba: Add version 3.6.22
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensensamba: Move patch to common dir
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalsamba: Set LIBRARY_VERSION
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalsamba: Fixup DEPENDS/RDEPENDS, dropping libtevent
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensensamba: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS for all packages
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardiproute2: Add version 3.12.0
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendaliproute2: Fixup package dependencies
2014-03-25 Christian Sørenseniproute2: Correct DEPENDS
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensengnupg: Add version 2.0.22
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenpth: New recipe (needed for gnupg upgrade)
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenlibassuan: New recipe (needed for gnupg upgrade)
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenlibksba: New recipe (needed for gnupg upgrade)
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenlibgcrypt: Set LIBRARY_VERSION
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenlibgcrypt: Strip path arguments in binconfig script
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardlibgcrypt: Add version 1.5.3
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardlibgcrypt: Fixup package dependencies
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenlibgpg-error: Set library version
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardlibgpg-error: Add version 1.12
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenlibgpg-error: Remove not used line
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenwpa-supplicant: Add version 2.0
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensengnutls: Add version 3.1.5
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendallibtasn1: Set LIBRARY_VERSION
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardlibtasn1: Add version 3.4
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalgnutls: Prepare for gnutls libtasn1 upgrade
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalgnutls: Fixup package dependencies
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensengnutls: Move patches to version folder
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalgnutls: Prepare SRC_URI definition for upgradeing to...
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalnettle: Fixup package dependencies
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensennettle: New recipe
2014-03-25 Kim Bøndergaardlibtasn1: Dependency fixup
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendalwpa-supplicant: Fixup dependencies
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendallibnl: Fixup package dependencies
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenwpa-supplicant: Move files to common dir
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensengmp: Set LIBRARY_VERSION
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensengmp: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS and use the library class
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus-glib: Add version 0.100.2
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus-glib: Backwards compatibility, remove in next...
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus-glib: Move patch from version folder to common
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus-glib: Fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-03-25 Esben Haabendaldbus: Fixup mingw dll paths
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus: Add version 1.7.10
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus: Backwards compatibility, remove in next major...
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensendbus: Change packaging and fix DEPENDS/RDEPENDS
2014-03-25 Christian Sørensenboost: Backwards compatibility, remove in next major...