Attempt at a simple webdav server, but not near as complete as pywebdav.
[odfkit:webodf.git] / webodf /
2010-08-22 Jos van den OeverUse the extjs from the submodule.
2010-08-22 Jos van den OeverAdd extjs as a git submodule.
2010-07-16 Jos van den OeverAdd functionality to convert and odf file to a standalo...
2010-07-14 Jos van den OeverSome improvements to rendering of draw elements.
2010-07-13 Jos van den OeverGive ODFDocumentElement a proper tag-name and use it...
2010-07-13 Jos van den OeverSimple bugfix.
2010-07-13 Jos van den OeverAdd parts of new OdfContainer API in Qt version.
2010-07-12 Jos van den OeverRefactor javascript implementation to use ODFDocumentEl...
2010-07-12 Jos van den OeverRefactor to hide internals better.
2010-07-09 Jos van den OeverImplement more of the ODFKit API in javascript.
2010-07-09 Jos van den OeverFix loading of images.
2010-07-09 Jos van den OeverCleanup indentation.
2010-07-09 Jos van den OeverSome refactoring to cleaner javascript api.
2010-07-07 Jos van den OeverMake presentation mode look at the size of the window...
2010-07-05 Jos van den OeverZoom slide to fit the screen. We assume that ppi of...
2010-07-05 Jos van den OeverImprove display of inline images.
2010-07-05 Jos van den OeverMake presentation mode look better.
2010-07-05 Jos van den OeverAdd a presentation mode.
2010-07-04 Jos van den OeverAdd support for images to webodf.
2010-07-03 Jos van den OeverAdd support for images. works in nativeqtclient so...
2010-07-02 Jos van den OeverFix native client by implementing callbacks.
2010-07-02 Jos van den OeverFix layout of boxes on slides.
2010-07-02 Jos van den OeverStyle improvements for presentations.
2010-07-02 Jos van den OeverGo back to using unzip directory for getting the thumbn...
2010-07-02 Jos van den OeverSome refactoring.
2010-07-02 Jos van den OeverMake loading of content.xml and styles.xml asynchroneous.
2010-07-01 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-01 Jos van den OeverMake code more asynchroneous. Use OdfContainer instead...
2010-06-25 Jos van den OeverReorganize files.