Update to Closure Compiler of 2012-04-30.
[odfkit:webodf.git] / programs /
2012-05-15 Jos van den OeverAdapt build system to allow use of WebODF as part of...
2012-04-03 Jos van den OeverAdd missing icons.
2012-03-08 Jos van den OeverAdd buttons and functions to switch between slides.
2012-03-08 Jos van den OeverChange the order of the scripts so that script.js can...
2012-03-08 Jos van den OeverInitialize array earlier so that the model also works...
2012-03-06 Jos van den OeverAdd buttons and functions for fitting best, width and...
2012-03-05 Jos van den OeverReturn the cache data directly instead of going througt...
2012-03-05 Jos van den OeverAlso use NSURLCache for loading binary files.
2012-03-05 Jos van den OeverUse NSUrlCache for quickly loading and parsing xml...
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverMake animation for going back smoother.
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverMake wait screen more fancy.
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverMake animations smoother by not displaying the canvas...
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverAdd simple masking when loading the details to give...
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverFix opening viewer from external uri when the viewer...
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverOnly set the record once.
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverUse native implementation of loadAsDataURL.
2012-03-02 Jos van den OeverRefactor so that creation of a data url is done by...
2012-03-01 Jos van den OeverAdd function to get files encoded as data url.
2012-03-01 Jos van den OeverIOS now loads xml files in native code and passes them...
2012-03-01 Jos van den OeverWork on native unzipping.
2012-02-29 Jos van den OeverAdd a loading queue that spaces cpu intensive tasks up.
2012-02-29 Jos van den OeverMerge ssh://
2012-02-28 Jos van den OeverAdd support of odp mimetypes.
2012-02-28 Jos van den OeverSome autochanges by xcode.
2012-02-27 Jos van den OeverImprove the detail view.
2012-02-27 Jos van den OeverClear the details view as soon as the record is changed.
2012-02-27 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:odfkit/webodf
2012-02-27 Jos van den OeverExtract and show meta data in the details view.
2012-02-27 Jos van den OeverUpdate Sencha Touch to RC1.
2012-02-24 Jos van den OeverAdapt xcode project in preparation of store submission.
2012-02-24 Jos van den OeverFirst step to add support for loading with a file to...
2012-02-24 Jos van den OeverAdd support for opening files from external application...
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverAttemp to build webodf.js on mac os x from within xcode.
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverPort iOS version to sencha touch 2.
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:odfkit/webodf
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverAdd Blackberry WebWorks extention that is needed on...
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverAdd caching of the file list to the sencha touch ui.
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverPort blackberry playbook version to the new sencha...
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverUse only HTML5UIFILES now.
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverFix a few issues.
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverFix problems in apk using sencha-touch.js
2012-02-22 Jos van den OeverRemove some debugging code.
2012-02-22 Jos van den OeverPort the qt client to the new sench touch ui.
2012-02-21 Jos van den OeverAdd zoom in and out.
2012-02-17 Jos van den OeverAdd a ui based on sencha touch 2.0.
2012-02-15 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'master' into senchaTouchDesktop
2012-02-15 Jos van den OeverAdd skeleton for playbook version.
2012-02-15 Jos van den Oeversnapshot
2012-02-03 Jos van den OeverUpdate android version to phonegap 1.4.0.
2012-02-03 Jos van den OeverMove splash images into the splash folder.
2012-02-02 Jos van den OeverAdd the ios port the the main repository.
2011-12-13 Jos van den OeverAdd extra required dependency.
2011-12-13 Jos van den OeverShare OdfCanvas between the OdfView and the FileDetails...
2011-12-13 Jos van den OeverMake the release apk file a separate target.
2011-12-13 Jos van den OeverJSLint fixes.
2011-12-13 Jos van den OeverSwitch to a sencha touch based ui.
2011-12-11 Jos van den OeverUpdate build system for android.
2011-12-11 Jos van den OeverUse cmake variable that is actually defined.
2011-12-08 Jos van den OeverVarious build fixes needed because webodf.js is not...
2011-12-06 Jos van den OeverUpdate version number to match the last number used...
2011-12-06 Jos van den OeverUse a central version number.
2011-12-05 Jos van den OeverFix the download button.
2011-11-22 Jos van den OeverFix bindings of runtime.js in qtjsruntime.
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverEnable validation of ODF 1.0 and 1.1: it is good enough...
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverFix JSLint errors.
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverCompile fixes and additional type annotations.
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverPropery report non-zero exit code when a javascript...
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverSet the current paths so that javascript files can...
2011-10-21 Jos van den OeverSpecify that mobile Firefox is supported.
2011-10-21 Jos van den OeverAdd icon to firefox extension.
2011-10-21 Jos van den OeverUpdate version number of firefox extension.
2011-10-21 Jos van den OeverAdd workarounds for Firefox extension submission.
2011-10-19 Jos van den OeverFix some warnings.
2011-10-19 Jos van den OeverUse JavaScript to zip the xpi file.
2011-10-18 Jos van den OeverUse node and javascript for zipping the Firefox extension.
2011-10-16 Jos van den OeverAdd WebODF Firefox extension.
2011-10-06 Jos van den OeverOpen files relative to the html or js file.
2011-10-05 Jos van den OeverAdd more dependencies to fix bugs in parallel make...
2011-09-30 Jos van den OeverAllow embedding of fonts in generated pdf.
2011-09-29 Jos van den OeverFix conditional statement: missing negation.
2011-09-22 Jos van den OeverShow error message if the browser cannot open the files.
2011-09-22 Jos van den OeverAdd fix for Opera.
2011-09-22 Jos van den OeverAdd relax ng validation.
2011-09-21 Jos van den OeverCleanup of older diagnosis code.
2011-09-21 Jos van den OeverAdd first version of docnosis.
2011-08-29 Jos van den OeverBuild fix for Mac OS X 10.7.
2011-07-26 Jos van den OeverSimplify Qt based executables.
2011-07-19 Jos van den OeverFix rendering of pdf and png from a webpage or javascript.
2011-06-09 Jos van den OeverAdjusted the Android version to use webodf.js
2011-06-07 Jos van den OeverAdapt nativeQtClient to use webodf.js.
2011-06-07 Jos van den OeverRemove website from the repository.
2011-06-06 Jos van den OeverAdd licenses and copyright statements to all javascript...
2011-02-27 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'bytearray'
2011-02-27 Jos van den OeverRefactor use of byte arrays
2011-02-24 Jos van den OeverCheck if a file really exists and is readable and repor...
2011-02-24 Jos van den OeverSpecify png and pdf export via arguments in qtjsruntime.
2011-02-24 Jos van den OeverWorkaround for the fact that QWebView does not preserve...
2011-02-23 Jos van den OeverRetain query and fragment when loading a local file...
2011-02-23 Jos van den OeverRemove conversion to html.
2011-02-18 Jos van den OeverFix runtime.js so that it can be used in qtjsruntime.