Update to Closure Compiler of 2012-04-30.
[odfkit:webodf.git] / programs / qtjsruntime /
2011-11-22 Jos van den OeverFix bindings of runtime.js in qtjsruntime.
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverPropery report non-zero exit code when a javascript...
2011-11-15 Jos van den OeverSet the current paths so that javascript files can...
2011-10-06 Jos van den OeverOpen files relative to the html or js file.
2011-09-30 Jos van den OeverAllow embedding of fonts in generated pdf.
2011-08-29 Jos van den OeverBuild fix for Mac OS X 10.7.
2011-07-26 Jos van den OeverSimplify Qt based executables.
2011-07-19 Jos van den OeverFix rendering of pdf and png from a webpage or javascript.
2011-02-27 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'bytearray'
2011-02-27 Jos van den OeverRefactor use of byte arrays
2011-02-24 Jos van den OeverCheck if a file really exists and is readable and repor...
2011-02-24 Jos van den OeverSpecify png and pdf export via arguments in qtjsruntime.
2011-02-24 Jos van den OeverWorkaround for the fact that QWebView does not preserve...
2011-02-23 Jos van den OeverRetain query and fragment when loading a local file...
2011-02-18 Jos van den OeverFix runtime.js so that it can be used in qtjsruntime.
2011-02-12 Jos van den OeverConvert QMake projects to CMake.
2011-02-12 Jos van den OeverReorganize programs.