Add a ui based on sencha touch 2.0.
[odfkit:webodf.git] / programs / CMakeLists.txt
2012-02-17 Jos van den OeverAdd a ui based on sencha touch 2.0.
2012-02-15 Jos van den OeverMerge branch 'master' into senchaTouchDesktop
2012-02-15 Jos van den OeverAdd skeleton for playbook version.
2011-12-11 Jos van den OeverUpdate build system for android.
2011-10-16 Jos van den OeverAdd WebODF Firefox extension.
2011-09-21 Jos van den OeverCleanup of older diagnosis code.
2011-02-16 Jos van den OeverPartially add building of Android application to CMake...
2011-02-12 Jos van den OeverConvert QMake projects to CMake.