Update to Closure Compiler of 2012-04-30.
[odfkit:webodf.git] / .gitignore
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverAttemp to build webodf.js on mac os x from within xcode.
2012-02-23 Jos van den OeverPort iOS version to sencha touch 2.
2012-02-02 Jos van den OeverAdd the ios port the the main repository.
2011-12-06 Jos van den OeverUpdate version number to match the last number used...
2011-10-19 Jos van den OeverRemove check for Java compiler: it is not needed anymore.
2011-02-16 Jos van den OeverPartially add building of Android application to CMake...
2011-02-14 Jos van den OeverRemove many of the ignored files.
2011-02-07 Jos van den OeverAdd some temporary test/experiment files.
2011-01-31 Jos van den OeverIgnore generated files, but add default.properties...
2010-12-02 Jos van den OeverAdd more files to ignore list.
2010-11-02 Jos van den OeverAdd ignore file.