2010-03-31 Alberto GarciaUpdate description in control file
2010-03-31 Alberto GarciaInstall locale files under /usr/share/locale
2010-03-31 Joaquim RochaFix attempt to remove element not in list
2010-03-28 Petr KovarUpdate Czech translation by Marek Cernocky
2010-03-27 Marek ČernockýUpdate Czech translation
2010-03-25 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2010-03-24 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-03-24 Mario BlättermannUpdated German translation
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6.5
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaFixes Debian package generation (thanks to Alberto...
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaAdd man pages
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaRemove setuptools dependency
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaMake a simple binary Debian file from Makefile's buildd...
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaFix problem when quitting the application
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaAdd Ctrl+a shortcut to select all areas
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaDeselect box with Shift+Click when the box is selected
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaMake recognize selected areas action dependent on the...
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaAdd recognize selected areas feature
2010-03-24 Joaquim RochaSelect selection area after creating it
2010-03-23 Joaquim RochaAllow multiple selection of selection areas
2010-03-22 Mario BlättermannUpdated German translation
2010-03-22 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-03-22 Joaquim RochaAdd detection of OCR engines to OCR manager dialog
2010-03-22 Joaquim RochaAdd system-wide OCR engines chooser dialog
2010-03-21 Petr KovarUpdate Czech translation by Marek Cernocky
2010-03-20 Mario BlättermannUpdated German translation
2010-03-16 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2010-03-15 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-03-15 Philip WithnallMiscellaneous string fixes
2010-03-15 Kjartan MaraasAdd Norwegian language entry.
2010-03-15 Kjartan MaraasAdded Norwegian bokmål translation
2010-03-15 Petr KovarAdd Czech translation by Marek Cernocky
2010-03-14 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-03-12 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2010-03-11 Matej UrbančičAdded sl for Slovenian translation
2010-03-11 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2010-03-11 Mario BlättermannUpdated German translation
2010-03-11 Joaquim RochaSort images when adding them from a folder
2010-03-11 Joaquim RochaRemove the PDF file's extension from the images generat...
2010-03-10 Claude ParozSort files in alphabetic order in POTFILES.in
2010-03-10 Joaquim RochaForce icon view to always have a selected item
2010-03-10 Philip WithnallAdded British English translation
2010-03-10 Joaquim RochaAdd ocrfeeder.desktop.in and generation of ocrfeeder...
2010-03-10 Joaquim RochaAdd LINGUAS file and use it to generate .mo files
2010-03-09 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-03-09 Jorge GonzálezAdded Spanish translator
2010-03-09 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-03-09 Claudio SaavedraMake translators for about dialog dependent from the...
2010-03-09 Joaquim RochaLower the PDF imported images' resolution
2010-03-08 Mario BlättermannUpdated German translation
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6.1
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaFixes error when importing PDFs with spaces in their...
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaMake MANIFEST include everything under po/
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaRevert usage of syntax not available on Python 2.5
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaAdd zoom control from mouse wheel
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaAdd forgotten POTFILES.in file
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaShow error dialogs when not able to open messages
2010-03-05 Joaquim RochaMade i18n more compliant with intltool
2010-03-04 Joaquim RochaAdded the format to the default engines' arguments
2010-03-04 Joaquim RochaFixes encoding problem (gc#8)
2010-03-03 Joaquim RochaFixed getting the engine name (gc#10)
2010-03-03 Joaquim RochaChanged zoom factor and fixed allowed zoom levels
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaFix formatting of debian/changelog
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaFix formatting of Debian dependencies
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaChange section from 'misc' to 'graphics'
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaRemove trailing whitespace from debian/control
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaMove 'Homepage' field to the source paragraph
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaAdd maintainer e-mail address
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaFix ocr.svg permissions
2010-02-22 Alberto GarciaAdd python-setuptools to Build-Depends
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaLowered the package name font case
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaUpdated copyright notice on the about dialog
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaRemoved unneeded engines folder
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaRemoved unused code
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaRemoved Studio from the application name.
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaAdded the Swedish translation. Thanks to Daniel Nylander
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaHide import pdf and unpaper menus if the respective...
2010-01-22 Joaquim RochaAdded missing dependencies to debian/control (gc#5)
2010-01-21 Joaquim RochaAdded ocrfeeder.doap file
2010-01-21 Joaquim RochaCorrected wrong prints and engine usage from command...
2010-01-15 Joaquim RochaOCR engines manager dialog now selects the first item...
2009-12-23 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.5
2009-12-23 Joaquim RochaAdded the Simplified Chinese translation. Thanks to...
2009-12-23 Joaquim RochaUpdated the .pot file
2009-12-23 Joaquim RochaAdded compilemessages and generatepot command to Makefile.
2009-12-18 Joaquim RochaLowered the images' border to 5 pixels
2009-12-18 Joaquim RochaCorrected boxes allowed limits when dragging
2009-12-18 Joaquim RochaDetects Tesseract, Ocrad and GOCR from the system when...
2009-12-18 Joaquim RochaReplaced usage of minidom by ElementTree and introduced...
2009-12-11 Joaquim RochaAdded verifications to prevent failure when engines...
2009-11-06 Joaquim RochaCorrected Philippe Normand's name
2009-11-06 Joaquim RochaReleased version 0.4
2009-11-06 Joaquim RochaAdded the Spanish translation (thanks to Andrés Gómez).
2009-10-31 Joaquim RochaAdded Tesseract engine's configuration file example
2009-10-31 Joaquim RochaCorrected bug: the application was always installing...
2009-10-31 Joaquim RochaUpdated the TRANSLATORS file
2009-10-31 Joaquim RochaAdded the Galician translation (thanks to Calvaris)
2009-10-31 Joaquim RochaAdded French translation (thanks to Philippe Normand)
2009-10-31 Joaquim RochaFixed the about dialog's comments translation