2010-10-10 David DecotignySupport for complex city envelopes
2010-09-19 David DecotignyUpdated for compat with maposmatic
2010-09-11 David DecotignyFixed install inst for karmic + deprecating main INSTALL
2010-09-11 David DecotignyUpdated setup.py
2010-09-11 David Decotignyfixed typo
2010-09-11 David DecotignyReorganized global layout managers
2010-09-11 David DecotignyUpdated i18n
2010-09-11 David DecotignyUpdated doc
2010-09-11 David DecotignyMake sure PostGIS is >= 1.5
2010-09-11 David DecotignyCommand-line frontend.
2010-09-11 David DecotignyMajor reorganization, new maplib/indexlib/layoutlib...
2010-09-05 David DecotignySupport ps.gz output
2010-09-05 David Decotignymore verbose
2010-09-05 David Decotignypure cosmetics
2010-09-05 David DecotignyBetter index layout with small fonts + code more tolerant
2010-09-05 David DecotignySupport for PNG output identical to PDF
2010-09-05 David DecotignyDemonstrate rendering with all possible output formats
2010-09-05 David DecotignyMinor index rendering fiexes + cosmetics + comments
2010-09-04 David DecotignyPrepared 3 renderers, out of which only SinglePageRende...
2010-09-02 David DecotignyMajor refactoring of the main rendering process
2010-09-02 David DecotignyUpdated doc and simpler object for StreetIndex objects
2010-08-31 David DecotignyCan update the street index label according to the...
2010-08-31 David DecotignyDetermine the font size to use to render index in area.
2010-08-15 David Decotignywrite to csv reimplemented
2010-08-15 David Decotignyendpoints must all be passed to index items ctor
2010-08-15 David DecotignyGrid neutral localization of the amenities
2010-08-15 David DecotignyUpdated installation instructions for Lucid
2010-08-15 David DecotignyUpdated to current commons Index API + random grid...
2010-08-15 David DecotignyFixed missing dep
2010-08-09 David DecotignyCosmetic information message for unit tests
2010-08-09 David DecotignyProvide a mock for gettext ('_') in unit test
2010-08-09 David DecotignyMap street paths onto grid, pass 1
2010-08-09 David DecotignySimple API for 2D Points
2010-08-08 Maxime PetazzoniMore cleanup
2010-08-08 Maxime PetazzoniProvide a unified way to get bounding box and contour...
2010-08-08 Maxime PetazzoniImprove OCitySMap's API and documentation
2010-08-08 David Decotignyfixed todo + dead code
2010-08-08 Maxime PetazzoniFix compatible paper size calculation
2010-08-07 David DecotignySplit index rendering into 2 steps
2010-08-07 David DecotignyIntegrate street index api + tests
2010-08-07 David DecotignyFixed layout for RTL languages
2010-08-07 David DecotignyCosmetics: nicer use of coords API
2010-08-07 David DecotignyWIP-2: render index from DB, no grid
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniStarting cleanup of the renderer code
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniUpdate i18n support for OCitySMap 2
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniMore work on the plain renderer
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniImproving the plain renderer's layout
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniHigher definition OSM logo
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniCleanup and documentation
2010-08-07 David DecotignyWIP-1: basig get_streets query
2010-08-07 David DecotignyCosmetic refactoring of coords api
2010-08-07 David DecotignyCosmetic refactoring: code sharing for drawing primitives
2010-08-07 David DecotignyUnit test uses relative paths for config files
2010-08-07 David DecotignyRearranged files and sources for index rendering
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniCleanup and documentation
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniMerge branch 'master' into ocitysmap2
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniRe-integrating index data requests
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniPoint Norvegian Bokmål to the generic i18n layer
2010-08-07 Thomas PetazzoniChange how the configuration files path are passed...
2010-08-07 Maxime PetazzoniRemove admin_level=8 from the admin_city_names index
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniImplement street index layout
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniFix how the best fit paper size is returned
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniBetter handling of portrait/landscape orientation
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniFix PNG rendering
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniAdd Norvegian Bokmål translation
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniMove the OSM logo
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniUpdate the OCitySMap config template for version 2
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniAutomatic portrait/landscape orientation
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniLazy database connection in OCitySMap
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniDeprecate the original OCitySMap module
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniIgnore .pyc files in OCitySMap 2
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniCleanup and documentation
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniAdd a custom, fitted paper format
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniImplement stylesheet configuration parsing and registry
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniImplement a renderers registry in the renderers module
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniDraw grid labels in the PlainRenderer
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniRe-implement the grey shading
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniMake the OCitySMap object actually render maps
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniAutomatically adapt the geographical bounding box to...
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniContinue heavy work on OCitySMap 2
2010-08-06 Maxime PetazzoniFoundation for the new OCitySMap rendering module
2010-08-03 Thomas PetazzoniUpdate INSTALL procedure for Unifont
2010-07-16 Maxime PetazzoniStreets and amenities queries optimization
2010-06-30 Maxime PetazzoniFix Plural-Forms gettext header for Catalan
2010-06-11 Maxime PetazzoniGerman prefix rules
2010-06-11 Maxime PetazzoniAdded some more French prefixes
2010-03-25 Maxime PetazzoniMissing datetime import for dynamic copyright notice
2010-03-20 Maxime PetazzoniDynamic copyright notice, everywhere
2010-03-20 Maxime PetazzoniUse a dynamic copyright notice year number
2010-03-15 Maxime PetazzoniNew prefixes for Spanish
2010-03-13 Maxime PetazzoniSpanish translation
2010-03-10 Maxime PetazzoniImprove information messages during rendering
2010-02-24 Maxime PetazzoniSet logger to 'maposmatic' to correctly collect OCitySM...
2010-02-24 Thomas PetazzoniAdd python-gtk2 and python-cairo as dependencies
2010-02-24 Thomas Petazzonistreet_index: reorganize imports
2010-02-24 Thomas PetazzoniUse pango to render copyright notice and al. on maps
2010-02-24 Thomas PetazzoniUse Pango to draw the index and map titles
2010-02-24 Thomas PetazzoniImplement support for RTL languages in street index
2010-02-24 Thomas PetazzoniUse Pango to render the text for the index
2010-02-10 Maxime PetazzoniImprove the map_areas table name parametrization