2012-09-12 Jacques-Pascal... Modularize the library
2012-09-06 Jacques-Pascal... Toplevel: Compiles with ocaml-4.00.0
2012-08-02 Jacques-Pascal... Remove the "common" part which is now the client part
2012-07-31 Jacques-Pascal... Remove endline spaces
2012-07-31 Jacques-Pascal... Replace tabs by spaces
2012-07-26 Jacques-Pascal... Cleanup the repo
2012-07-26 Jacques-Pascal... Split common, client, server and toplevel into separate...
2012-07-25 Jacques-Pascal... Switch to oasis
2012-07-25 Jacques-Pascal... Put in order the source files
2006-02-01 gremlin43820backported exception fixes from stable
2006-01-18 gremlin43820updated changelog
2006-01-18 gremlin43820fix compile problems
2006-01-18 gremlin43820backport search_a fix from HEAD
2005-12-02 gremlin43820*** empty log message ***
2005-12-02 gremlin43820back ported filter parser fixes from head
2005-10-19 (no author)This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2005-10-19 gremlin43820fix double newline in add changerec output
2005-10-19 gremlin43820fixed several bugs in the output of ldif change records
2005-10-12 gremlin43820Ldap_ooclient.fold now runs in constant stack space...
2005-10-10 gremlin43820some small refinements to the error functions
2005-10-10 gremlin43820when doing an async search, try to grab the first entry...
2005-10-04 gremlin43820updated documentation
2005-10-04 gremlin43820group methods logically
2005-10-04 gremlin43820document some of ldapaccount
2005-10-04 gremlin43820document some of ldapaccount
2005-10-03 gremlin43820scldapentry documented
2005-10-03 gremlin43820scldapentry documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820scldapentry documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820improved documentation formatting
2005-10-03 gremlin43820improving formating on documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820document scldapentry and friends
2005-10-03 gremlin43820document ldapcon
2005-10-03 gremlin43820improving ocamldoc
2005-10-03 gremlin43820rebuild documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820removed mutex functions from ldap_ooclient
2005-10-03 gremlin43820adding new documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820rebuild documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820gave instructions on how to build documentation
2005-10-03 gremlin43820updated readme
2005-09-29 gremlin43820fixed limiting code so it will actually work
2005-09-29 gremlin43820altered the toplevel printer to print a max of 50 entries
2005-09-29 gremlin43820improvements to error printing functions
2005-09-19 gremlin43820updated changelog
2005-08-22 gremlin43820removing backup file
2005-08-22 gremlin43820in the end, I decided to split the transactional stuff...
2005-08-22 gremlin43820added the apply with mutex function to ldap_ooclient
2005-08-10 gremlin43820compiling
2005-08-10 gremlin43820making progress on supporting all operation types in...
2005-08-08 gremlin43820*** empty log message ***
2005-08-05 gremlin43820Fixed several problems with transactions. Rollback...
2005-08-05 gremlin43820changed dependancies so that ldap_dn is in the right...
2005-08-04 gremlin43820the ldap mutex module has been merged with the ldap_ooc...
2005-08-04 gremlin43820transactions build, now to test them :-)
2005-08-04 gremlin43820rollback_txn implemented, and fixed bugs in commit_txn...
2005-08-04 gremlin43820commit transaction is implemented, though none of this...
2005-08-04 gremlin43820transactions are moving along, lots of conceptual probl...
2005-08-03 gremlin43820more transaction stuff implemented
2005-08-03 gremlin43820added a function to generate the canonical dn, and...
2005-08-01 gremlin43820updated changelog (again)
2005-08-01 gremlin43820updated changelog
2005-08-01 programbeeEscaped output strings in ldap_ooclint
2005-08-01 programbeeFix ldap_ooclient.ml ] and escape content
2005-08-01 gremlin43820updated META
2005-08-01 gremlin43820fixed syntax in the mutex schema
2005-08-01 gremlin43820add object_lock_table to the interface definition :-)
2005-08-01 gremlin43820added a lock table
2005-07-29 gremlin43820added a new type of locking primitive to ldap_mutex...
2005-07-27 gremlin43820added a couple of convenience functions to Ldif_oo
2005-07-27 gremlin43820fixed a bug in delete, where it would not correctly...
2005-07-25 gremlin43820added more performance gloating to the changelog
2005-07-25 gremlin43820deprecated the print method of ldapentry
2005-07-25 gremlin43820almost ready for a release
2005-07-06 gremlin438202.5x decoder speedup, bugs squished after lots of testi...
2005-07-06 gremlin43820fixed data corruptor when reading large chunks (bigger...
2005-07-06 gremlin43820do not call readbyte to read empty structures
2005-07-05 gremlin43820bug fixes for size limits
2005-07-05 gremlin43820performance of lber decoder improved, now 4MB/s on...
2005-07-04 gremlin43820improved performance of decoder, fixed bugs in ssl...
2005-07-03 gremlin43820fixed an infinite recurstion bug in attrval_spec
2005-07-03 gremlin43820made ldif_parser produce search_result_entry instead...
2005-06-29 gremlin43820do not catch local_error in iterators
2005-06-28 gremlin43820*** empty log message ***
2005-06-28 gremlin43820given a list of entries, only print out the entire...
2005-06-28 gremlin43820updated the formatter to print the whole entry. Why...
2005-06-27 gremlin43820updated makefile to build documentation correctly
2005-06-27 gremlin43820new documentation
2005-06-27 gremlin43820improved ldapmodify in ldap_toplevel, as well as docume...
2005-06-27 gremlin43820fix build errors, and add mutex to makefile
2005-06-27 gremlin43820adding a mutex implementation
2005-06-21 gremlin43820updated changelog
2005-06-21 gremlin43820fixed many errors in the changerec parser and lexer
2005-06-09 gremlin43820updated filter parser, and pretty printer to be able...
2005-06-09 gremlin43820*** empty log message ***
2005-06-09 gremlin43820updated changelog
2005-06-09 gremlin43820fixed (but have not tested the fix) an error in the...
2005-06-08 gremlin43820fixed safe-string regex in write_entry
2005-05-20 gremlin43820augmented schema type check to include validation of...
2005-05-20 gremlin43820fixed bugs in the cross linked oid portion of the schem...
2005-05-20 gremlin43820augmented the schema type checker, and added a class...
2005-05-04 gremlin43820added a more verbose exception to the ldap_url module