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2014-02-04 Thibault SuzanneLICENSE file added master
2013-04-30 Thibault Suzanne.merlin added
2013-02-15 Thibault Suzannealter_mute removed
2013-01-18 Thibault SuzannePerformance test added, thanks to Gabriel...
2013-01-09 Thibault SuzanneA few bugfixes
2013-01-09 Thibault SuzanneUpdated documentation
2013-01-08 Thibault SuzanneFixed errors in documentation, added .odocl
2013-01-08 Thibault SuzanneInterface updated, and ocamldocumented.
2013-01-08 Thibault SuzanneMutability no longer (wrongly) used for merge
2013-01-05 Thibault SuzanneTests updated
2013-01-05 Thibault SuzanneFunctorization of the module
2013-01-03 Thibault SuzanneIntersection now correct and less verbose
2013-01-03 Thibault SuzanneComplete interface, inspired from batteries' Map module
2013-01-03 Thibault SuzanneMerge function correctly polymorphic, and interface...
2013-01-03 Thibault SuzanneMerge added (and a few factorisation changes)
2013-01-02 Thibault SuzanneIntersections rewrited with for loops and administrativ...
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