last changeSat, 2 Oct 2010 04:18:42 +0000 (23:18 -0500)
2010-10-02 Matt RogersDon't listen for notifications until the survey has... master
2010-10-02 Matt RogersTrack idle time and the active window in the notification
2010-10-02 Matt RogersLog more information into the Notification object
2010-09-30 Matt RogersFactor out the data handling into its own class
2010-09-28 Matt Rogersattempt to get config saving done right
2010-09-28 Matt RogersPlaying with the layout a bit to see if I can make...
2010-09-28 Matt RogersUpdate the extender after 'Start survey' is clicked.
2010-09-27 Matt RogersAdd a popup that will allow a user to start the survey
2010-09-20 Matt RogersConvert SurveyManager to the private implementation...
2010-09-15 Matt RogersMake sure the busy widget resizes correctly.
2010-09-15 Matt RogersAdd an icon to the busy widget
2010-09-15 Matt RogersIntegrate the busy widget into the applet.
2010-09-13 Matt RogersAdd a BusyWidget stub.
2010-09-11 Matt RogersAdapt the rest of the code to the new notification...
2010-09-11 Matt RogersAdd the notification object to the build system
2010-09-11 Matt RogersAdd a notification object
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