last changeSat, 8 Dec 2012 00:02:07 +0000 (10:32 +1030)
2012-12-08 David Gowersdtypes.attack: support using target stats as base stat master
2012-12-06 David Gowersdtypes.attack: update dtype to current DT6 spec (added...
2012-11-13 David Gowersdtypes.npc: beginning of NPCLoc/NPCDef implementations...
2012-11-13 David Gowersdtypes.reload: add reload module, beginning new impleme...
2012-10-21 David Gowerstest_reload: fill out 8 or so more reading unittests
2012-10-16 David Gowerssome work on RELOAD testsuite
2012-10-08 David GowersStubbed test suite for new RELOAD api.
2012-10-07 David Gowerstestutils: use filecmp instead of shelling out
2012-10-07 David Gowers'X in Y' convention update / optimization
2012-10-05 David Gowersscripts: begin porting TMC's code
2012-10-05 David Gowerstests/dtypes/testutil: shared functions for testing.
2012-10-05 David Gowersstart porting vehicle loading code
2012-10-05 David Gowersattack: Add all necessary enumerations.
2012-10-03 David Gowersnohrio2,palettes: cleanup (mostly PEP8 conformance)
2012-10-03 David Gowersbload: was using wrong endianness >_< fixed.
2012-10-03 David GowersMasterPalette and SpritePalette working.
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