last changeThu, 12 Mar 2015 07:29:25 +0000 (07:29 +0000)
2015-03-12 Alex SmithThe repository has moved. nicehack
2015-03-12 Alex Smith"The repository has moved" notice
2015-03-12 Alex SmithEmpty the repository so the "repo has moved" notice...
2015-03-12 Alex SmithNew git hosting URL
2015-03-11 Alex SmithUpdate aimake (performance optimizations, mostly)
2015-03-10 Alex SmithMore fixes to copyright and Debian packaging
2015-03-10 Alex SmithBuild fixes for Debian
2015-03-10 Alex SmithAdd copyright information on every file in the repository
2015-03-10 Alex SmithAdd palette extraction code, and use it
2015-03-10 Alex SmithLink dlb, dgn_comp, lev_comp up to aimake
2015-03-10 Alex SmithGreatly simplify color-mapping code
2015-03-10 Alex SmithUpdate aimake (infinite loop in -S, --install-only)
2015-03-10 Alex SmithDocumentation fixes
2015-03-10 Alex SmithAdd game ID in desync dialog, dumplog
2015-03-10 Alex SmithGive a different message if an ability is capped by...
2015-03-10 Alex SmithDon't allow a beam to hit objects it just created
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