last changeSun, 15 Aug 2010 15:49:39 +0000 (17:49 +0200)
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedupdate CMakeLists.txt after rebase to upstream master
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino: adapt dvb-t code according to upstream SVN...
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedzapit: adapt dvb-t code (untested)
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedlibdvbapi: add stubbed getMuteStatus
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedlibdvbapi: add stubbed out pwrmngr
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedlibdvbapi: add lt_debug functions as in libtriple
2010-08-15 Stefan Seyfriedlibdvbapi: add stubbed out cs_api.h
2010-08-15 Carjay- add missing template for cmake
2010-08-15 Carjay- add macros, recent ffmpeg code needs this
2010-08-15 Carjay- trigger reconnect when stream pid changes (new channel)
2010-08-15 Carjay- some hacks so each time a video pes is set, PAT and...
2010-08-15 Carjay- mad terrestrial patch (barely makes terrestrial work...
2010-08-15 Carjay- fix 64 bit issue
2010-08-15 Carjay- add lots of debug info and some stubs
2010-08-15 Carjay- decode video frames and display them
2010-08-15 Carjay- fix crash at shutdown
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