last changeSat, 7 Mar 2015 17:59:04 +0000 (18:59 +0100)
2015-03-07 Stefan Seyfriedspark/record: move buffer allocation outside record... master
2015-03-07 Stefan Seyfriedlibeplayer3: allow disabling of AAC hardware decoder
2015-03-07 max10so it is better thx DboxOldie
2015-03-07 max10add aac.cpp THX DboxOldie
2015-02-28 Stefan Seyfriedlibspark/playback_libeplayer3: fix EOF signalling
2015-02-27 Stefan Seyfriedspark: select highest quality stream for multi-program...
2015-02-27 martiilibspark/hardware_caps: set has_SCART unconditionally
2015-02-27 martiilibspark: complement vendor ids
2015-02-27 martiilibspark/hardware_caps: recognize dvfd [untested]
2015-02-27 martiilibspark/hw_caps: check vfd version first (needed to...
2015-02-25 Stefan Seyfriedspark: do not freeze/continue in GetScreenImage()
2015-02-24 Stefan Seyfriedspark: implement GetScreenImage for video and audio
2015-02-22 Stefan Seyfriedspark: implement cRecord::GetStatus()
2015-02-22 Stefan Seyfriedlibspark: port a prior version of martii's cRecord
2015-02-22 Stefan Seyfriedlibtriple: remove absolute file names
2015-02-22 Stefan Seyfriedlibeplayer3: remove absolute file names
3 years ago master