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2012-10-15 hoorayclarify handover to driver.nas master
2012-10-14 hoorayRenamed cmake module folder to CMakeModules
2012-10-13 HoorayAdd FIXME file as a reminder regarding the git history
2012-10-13 Hoorayupdated TODO file
2012-10-13 Hoorayupdated
2012-10-13 hoorayMore useful gtk/cairo stuff can be found in the AlgoSco... cmake
2012-10-13 hoorayupdated TODO list according to our conversations
2012-10-13 icecodeFixed install locations for modules, should work perfec...
2012-10-13 icecodeRemoved autotools stuff.
2012-10-13 icecodeAdded a README file with details about Nasal compilation.
2012-10-13 icecodeAdded support. Some changes are needed but should work...
2012-10-12 Hooraymisc old-autotools
2012-10-12 Hoorayupdated TODO file
2012-09-15 Hoorayupdated todo file
2012-09-15 Hoorayfix make system
2012-09-15 Hooraymake regex work again
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