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2014-06-18 Cam MacdonellFix recommended by Henning Schild <> master
2014-06-18 Cam MacdonellFixup definitions for current UIO
2012-09-06 Cam MacdonellUse the UIO driver
2012-09-06 Cam MacdonellError clean-up
2011-10-28 Cam Macdonelladded by specific request
2011-10-28 Cam MacdonellAdded license
2011-10-28 Cam MacdonellApparently the driver is useful to some despite the...
2010-11-16 Cam MacdonellRemove the non-uio driver since it doesn't currently...
2010-11-16 Cam Macdonelljust a few fixups
2010-11-16 Cam MacdonellCheck the first and last few bytes of the whole region...
2010-11-16 camadded a mode to set the memory region to a repeating...
2010-06-15 Cam MacdonellAdding the ivshmem server here - Cam
2010-05-20 Cam MacdonellAdd uio driver to repository.
2010-05-03 Cam MacdonellRemove extraneous build targets
2010-04-27 Cam Macdonelland more
2010-04-27 Cam Macdonellone more fix
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