2011-11-22 Manuel QuiñonesSpanish translation fixes v1.0.0
2011-11-21 Martin RenoldREADME: remove win32 build instructions from 2008
2011-11-21 Martin Renoldremove README.scratchpad
2011-11-21 Popolonupdate French translation
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldchangelog update
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldtesting: modernize bigimage.ora
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldversion bump
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: add feedback_cb
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: load png layers faster, use less memory
2011-11-20 Manuel QuiñonesSpanish translation updated
2011-11-19 Martin Renoldfix compiler warning
2011-11-19 Martin Renoldsave_png: don't append an additional info block
2011-11-18 Martin Renoldalways allow to cancel eraser mode
2011-11-18 Gergely Aradszkiupdated Hungarian translation
2011-11-18 Joao S. O.... updated pt_BR translation
2011-11-18 Alexandre ProkoudineUpdated Russian translation for 1.0. Most work is done.
2011-11-16 Andrew Chadwickcosmetic: fix separators drawing at ends
2011-11-15 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: minor cosmetic tweaks
2011-11-15 Tor Egil Hoftun... Updated nn-NO translation for version 1.0
2011-11-13 Martin Renoldbrush collection tuning
2011-11-13 Jon Nordbymypaintlib: Use SharedLibrary instead of LoadableModule...
2011-11-13 Martin Renoldbrushsettings: keep 'anti_aliasing' disabled for old...
2011-11-13 Martin Renoldfix "save scrap" bug
2011-11-13 Jon NordbyUpdate Norwegian Bokmål translation
2011-11-13 Martin Renoldbrush.preview is always a valid pixbuf
2011-11-13 GriatchUpdated the Swedish translation.
2011-11-13 Martin Renoldupdate default startup group
2011-11-10 Martin Renoldupdate all .po files
2011-11-06 Martin Renoldmore helpful error message when icons are missing
2011-11-06 Martin Renoldbrushmodifier: remove dead code
2011-11-06 Martin Renoldfix "copy to clipboard"
2011-11-05 David Revoybrushes: update of deevad brushset
2011-11-05 Martin Renoldtablet detection: workaround for laptop touchpad
2011-11-02 Martin Renoldrename default brush groups
2011-10-30 Martin Renoldmenu: download brushes (in web browser)
2011-10-30 Martin Renoldwindows: swap button2/3 default binding
2011-10-30 Tumagonxupdate Indonesian translation
2011-10-28 Martin Renoldfix unittest
2011-10-28 Martin Renoldbrushlib: fix bug with smudge_length=0
2011-10-27 Martin Renoldupdate README about icon path
2011-10-23 Martin Renoldadd back original v0.6.0 "wash" colorchanger
2011-10-23 Martin Renoldadd back previous color changer
2011-10-23 Martin Renoldoptimization for watercolor/smudge brushes
2011-10-23 Martin Renoldfix unittests
2011-10-22 Martin Renoldbrushes: fix pixel brushes
2011-10-22 Martin Renoldbrushlib basic anti-aliasing
2011-10-21 Martin Renoldscratchpad: always use white background
2011-10-21 Martin Renoldbrushlib: docu
2011-10-10 Martin add .xz format
2011-10-08 Martin Renolddocu: brushlib figures
2011-10-05 Ariful Bhuiyantileddrawsurface: Fix a wrongly named attribute, mark_m...
2011-10-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer: minor fix for missing argument
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMove stroke_to() implementation into Layer
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMove COMPOSITE_OPT definitions to lib/
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMake TiledSurface an internal member of Layer
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade stuff: add README, move launch script
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade: fix missing; wrap hsv-compat & dropdowns
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade: separate out & wrap the item-spinbox widget
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade: extract and wrap curve widget
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickelastic: fix resize bug
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade: wrap concrete elastic container/content
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade: wrap pixbuflist for glade
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade: tileddrawwidget support for glade projects
2011-10-02 Andrew Chadwickglade dev infrastructure, no widgets yet
2011-09-30 Andrew Chadwickbrush settings dropdown: clarify reset language
2011-09-29 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: LnF tweaks, add an arrow
2011-09-29 Andrew Chadwickdoc: fix a hardcoded composite op name
2011-09-26 Andrew Chadwickprefs: make undo and redo bindable to buttons
2011-09-26 Andrew Chadwickdropdowns: remove assertion
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwickcredits update
2011-09-24 Martin Renoldlayer modes: remove redundant CLAMP, add regression...
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: remove some code duplication
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwickcomposite ops: fixups and gui stuff
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: give set-op cmd a display name
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: op naming: use "svg:src-over"
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: bugfix
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: svg op naming, rgba-on-rgba
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: add dodge
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: fix exception in burn op
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer composite ops: initial implementation
2011-09-24 sigetchzooming updates: add an extra zoom level
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwickdropdowns: behavioural fixes for tablets
2011-09-24 Martin Renoldwhen clearing the last layer, don't reset the filename
2011-09-24 Martin Renoldundo: decrease minimum stroke duration slightly
2011-09-22 Till Hartmannupdated german translation
2011-09-22 Andrew Chadwickdropdowns: less flickery initial placement
2011-09-21 Andrew Chadwickfix loading strokemap brushes w/ unknown parents
2011-09-20 Andrew Chadwickundo/redo: smart menu items and toolitems
2011-09-20 Andrew Chadwickfullscreen: update action toggled
2011-09-20 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: menu for selecting which tools are wanted
2011-09-14 Andrew Chadwickreadme: explain install-prefix's role better
2011-09-13 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: convert colour dropdown menu to panel
2011-09-13 Andrew Chadwickwidgets: general borderless & thinborder styles
2011-09-13 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: add action for colour details dialog
2011-09-13 Andrew Chadwickcolorselection(window): neaten ransacking hack
2011-09-13 Andrew Chadwickdropdown panels: behaviour/appearance improvements
2011-09-12 Ferry Jérémiefrench translation update
2011-09-12 Ferry Jérémieduplicate layer button
2011-09-11 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: quick brush chooser on dropdown & default
2011-09-11 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: image tooltips for brush previews