2010-01-29 Martin Renoldwindows: fix for fullscreen when maximized v0.8.0
2010-01-28 Tumagonxwindows: bigger icons
2010-01-28 Martin Renoldadd back brush "modelling"
2010-01-26 Martin Renoldlayerwin: remove minimum size restriction
2010-01-26 Martin Renoldopen dialog: hide while saving, show wait cursor
2010-01-26 Martin Renoldsave dialog: hide while saving, show wait cursor
2010-01-25 Martin Renoldopen new color selector by default
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbyi18n: Slovenian translation ++
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldversion bump
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldcredits update, and project website url
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Disable broken drag and drop
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Minor cleanups
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Add/Remove button out of layerlist
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Layer name entry dialog
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Add layer up/down buttons
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Move opacity slider out from layer list
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: single row list entries
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Remove layername widget
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Set sane default size
2010-01-24 Martin RenoldWindows: remove unicode spaces from brush selector
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldlayers: more robust remove/merge actions
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldbrush collection: move ink up, minor stuff
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldbrush selector: another minor code cleanup
2010-01-24 Tumagonxexperimental fur brush
2010-01-23 Martin Renoldbrush selector: minor code cleanup
2010-01-23 Martin Renoldfix keyboard shortcut for layer window
2010-01-23 Andrew ChadwickMake subwindows transient like GIMP
2010-01-22 Olivier Gondouinadd some stock icons, some TODO comment, add toggle...
2010-01-20 Andrew Chadwickbrush selector: fix bg colour on theme change
2010-01-20 Andrew Chadwickbrush selector: ui feedback, improve layout
2010-01-20 Popoloni18n: Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese
2010-01-19 Jon NordbyFix missing import leading to nasty exceptions.
2010-01-19 Dong-Jun Wui18n: Chinese Traditional complete
2010-01-19 Martin Renoldremove ORA mime definition
2010-01-19 Gergely Aradszkii18n: Hungarian complete
2010-01-19 Martin Tabačani18n: Czech update
2010-01-18 Martin Renoldbrush collection: no brush appears only in "default"
2010-01-18 Martin Renoldupdate changelog for 0.8
2010-01-18 Martin Renoldbrush selector: 1px more selection border
2010-01-18 Martin Renoldmenu: put color picker icon to the right place
2010-01-18 Andrew Chadwickbrushgroups: make interaction a little more gtkish
2010-01-17 Martin Renoldfix Ico's brushes that painted without pressure
2010-01-17 Martin Renoldallow opaque > 1.0
2010-01-17 Martin Renoldbrushlib: fix small problem opaque_multiply
2010-01-17 Martin Renoldfix exception in group selection widget
2010-01-17 Martin Renolddon't store/restore brushsettings for the mouse
2010-01-17 Martin Renoldbrush collection work
2010-01-16 Martin Renoldbrush collection work
2010-01-16 Martin Renoldlayerblink when "pick context" switches a layer
2010-01-16 Jon Nordbyi18n: Norwegian update
2010-01-16 Martin Renoldflip (mirror) image always at center
2010-01-16 Martin Renoldminor cleanup
2010-01-15 Manuel Quiñonesi18n: Spanish complete
2010-01-15 Griatchi18n: Swedish complete
2010-01-15 Tumagonxi18n: Indonesian complete
2010-01-13 Popoloni18n: French and Simplified Chinese.
2010-01-13 Martin Renoldrename brushes with name conflicts
2010-01-12 Lamberto Tedaldii18n: Italian translation complete.
2010-01-12 Martin Renoldwindows: workaround attempt for startup bug
2010-01-12 Martin Renoldbuild: windows/mingw fix
2010-01-10 Martin Renoldfix unittests
2010-01-10 Martin Renoldupdate unittest
2010-01-10 Martin Renoldfix saving a brush without preview
2010-01-09 Andrew ChadwickCopying from a blank doc makes no sense, don't try
2010-01-08 Martin Renoldfix workaround for startup bug on windows
2010-01-08 Martin Renolddefault key 'l' for layer dialog
2010-01-08 Jon NordbyUse stock dialogs for background and settings
2010-01-08 Martin Renoldbrushsettings: fix updating of a label
2010-01-08 Martin Renoldbuild: add *.pyc to clean target
2010-01-05 Jon NordbyString freeze for v0.8
2010-01-05 Luka ČehovinLocalized input names
2010-01-05 Luka ČehovinBetter user-visible strings in brushsettings
2010-01-03 Martin Renoldcolorsampler: minimum size
2010-01-03 Martin Renoldcolorsampler: remove entry focus hack
2010-01-03 Martin Renoldcolorsampler: remove unused last_color member
2010-01-03 Martin Renoldmerge colorsampler from iportnov branch (step 2/2)
2010-01-03 Ilya Portnovmerge color sampler from iportnov branch (step 1/2)
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyShow filenames with uppercase extensions.
2010-01-03 Andrew ChadwickMenu key opens the main app menu
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyRemove a seemingly uneccesary hack.
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyFix updating of layer dialog on undo/redo.
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyFix regression with show layers above.
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyFix wierd behaviour in layer solo mode.
2010-01-03 Ilya PortnovLayer dialog by Ilya Portnov
2009-12-27 Jon Nordbyi18n: Hungarian and Italian fixes
2009-12-27 Jon NordbySet filename when given a nonexisting file.
2009-12-27 Jon NordbySet utility window hint on function windows.
2009-12-27 Jon NordbyDouble-clicking activates single brushgroup.
2009-12-26 Martin Renoldcorrect Ico's oil brush previews
2009-12-26 Martin Renoldcredits update
2009-12-26 Enrico GuarnieriBrushset V2 by Ico_dY
2009-12-26 GriatchUpdated Swedish translation.
2009-12-20 Ramón Mirandaupdated brushset (git-0-8-v1) by Ramón Miranda
2009-12-19 Martin Renoldgrouplist: polish appearance a bit
2009-12-19 Martin Renolddrop minimal pygtk version requirement
2009-12-19 Andrew ChadwickFix colour component ordering / pygtk 2.14 problem
2009-12-15 Martin Renoldbetter error when using too old pygtk
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldgrouplist: gtk theme colors
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldadd back the rest of Tanda's brushes
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldupdate credits